*Dentemp Professional Oral Care Kit Review

*I received this product for free but the opinions are my own.

Visiting the dentist is no ones favourite thing to do and like a lot of people I tend to put it off as long as possible but its one of those things that you just have to do. I must admit that I do have a nice, sympathetic dentist who makes sure I'm comfortable with whatever she is doing. That been said I'm always willing to try anything that will make my trip to the dentist as short as possible. I was sent the Dentemp Professional Oral Kit* to try out recently which helps to remove stains, plaque and tartar which I couldn't wait to try out.

Dentemp Professional Oral Care Kit Review
The kit comes with a Dental Pick, Dental Scaler, Tongue Cleaner and Mirror.

Dental Scaler* - Just hold the tool so that the top of the curve is flat against the tooth and gently pull away from the gum line toward the biting edge of each tooth. You can use this product weekly.

Dental Pick* - Place the pick at the gum line between the teeth and gently pull away from the gum line to remove food. This can be used weekly as well.

Tongue Cleaner* - Just place on the back of your tongue and pull forward, skimming the surface of your tongue. Rinse with warm water and repeat as necessary.

After use just rinse the tools with warm water and air dry. I found these easy to use and I use them on a weekly basis to try and clean the areas of my teeth that using my electric brush just doesn't seems to get to. I find when I go to the dentist that the back of my teeth have a build up of plaque that needs removing when I visit.

You can purchase the kit from Boots here for £8.00 which is a really good price.


This is NOT a sponsored post.  I do not get paid for my reviews.


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