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Wiley's Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil

As we get older, I think it's inevitable that we lean towards various food supplements to keep our bodies and minds as healthy and sharp as possible.  One of the products that I have been trying out lately is Wiley's Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil* which I was kindly sent to try out.  This is a food supplement that contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids which supports healthy heart, vision and brain function. I am not gonna lie, it's a fish oil and it does have a distinctive smell, but luckily it has a natural lemon flavour which means it does not taste fishy.
You only need to take one 5ml teaspoon daily with food.  It does not contain sugar, gluten, starch, wheat, dairy, artificial flavours, artificial colours, nuts, shellfish, soy or corn.  This is a product that has met the Marine Stewardship Councils (MSC) global standard for sustainability.
The 250ml bottle costs £37.99 from Wiley's Finest website and contains 50 servings.  You can also purchase this in capsule form as well and …

Summer Giveaway 2018

Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately.  It's been a combination of illness (the usual summer colds, but twice in a month), holidays and then just catching up with life in general.  I'm back now and I am going to be posting more regularly, showing you my hauls and empties and reviewing products that I have been trying out.  I wanted to start the summer off with a little giveaway.  The prize includes the following: Eylure Texture No117 Lashes Elegant Touch Union Jack Nails Primark Unicorn Eye Mask Allura Kabuki Brush 7th Heaven Strawberry Souffle Moisturising and soothing Mask 7th Heaven Dead Sea Peel-off Mask There are a few ways to enter.  Follow me on Twitter and retweet the pinned giveaway post here, follow me on Instagram and comment on the giveaway photo here and for an extra entry into the giveaway simply comment on this post telling me what your favourite holiday destination is (and just let me know if you have entered the giveaway on Twitter or Instagram (or both).…

Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening and Soothing Masks

If you're wondering why I bought these products, then I will totally admit it was because of the unusual packaging.  It's so weird, like a coffee cup with a lid in the shape of a babies face with what looks like a straw coming out of it's mouth.  I mean come on how can you resist that sort of weird and wonderful packaging.  Well I can't anyway.  I picked up these 2 face masks in Sephora when I was in Florida recently.  They were $12 each and come in 4 varieties.  I bought the brightening and soothing masks (you can also get hydro and firming masks).  You can buy them on online at Selfridges for £8 in the UK.

So yeah, I like the packaging, but what about the actual product.  Well you have to do a little bit of work to get to applying the mask on your face, but that's part of the fun (admittedly,  I will probably get bored of it soon).  In each cup (which is the mixing cup), you get 2 sachets.  Step 1 is the Super Booster and Step 2 is the soothing or brightening ampo…

Zoya Nail Polish Haul

I love, love, love, Zoya nail polishes and have tons in my stash.  Love the colours, love the packaging, love everything about them.  Here are a few that I got recently. Trudith is a muted purple which I love.  It's great for everyday wear.  I love how easily these polishes go on with no streaks and this one could have got away with just one coat as its so opaque. 
Darby is a blue grey colour with a brighter blue shimmer through it.  It would be great for a night out.  
Alice is from the Pixie Dust range and is a bright purple with different colour sparkles in it.  It's great for when you want your nails to stand out and look a bit different.
Brandi is a bright blush pink.  This is a great holiday colour it's so pretty.
Mia is a lovely mauve pink colour that I will be wearing a lot of as it's a gorgeous colour that will go with anything.
Pandora is a pinky nude with silver shimmer through it.  I would imagine it would be a great colour for a bride.
Brighton looks more gold fr…

Kylie Cosmetics Haul

In the past I have resisted the urge to purchase any Kylie Cosmetics as I'm not the biggest Kardashian/Jenner fan, but I have always liked the branding of this range and can see why it's so popular.  I have finally succumbed though as there was an online offer that I just couldn't turn down.  I purchased the following 5 products. King K Metal Lipstick which is a metallic gold.  I really like metallic lip products as I find they are flattering on my thin lips.  This product has a very creamy texture and does not dry down on lips.  It does look nice over a matte lip product as well.  This product has a doe foot applicator.
Posie K Lip gloss is a berry colour which is my favourite out of the products I bought as it's really flattering.  I'm not really keen on the brush applicator on this product but it still applies well.  
Candy K Lip gloss is a nude pink which is great for all occasions.   
Like Lip gloss is a warm nude brown colour which is the darkest one I bought, bu…

Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs Overnight Foot Rescue from M&S

I do like the Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs range from M&S.  You can read my previous post about some of the other products that I have tried from this range here. Margaret Dabbs in a leading podiatrist who has collaborated with M&S to create this reasonably priced foot care range. The Overnight Foot Rescue is a roll-on tube that dispenses a cooling, refreshing gel that helps to relieve tired, aching feet at the end of a long day.  The gel is blended with ginger extract and manuka honey with anti-bacterial properties.  I love the fact that the tube has a roller that allows you to massage the gel into your feet which is such a nice feeling.  This product is paraben free and suitable for vegetarians.  
It costs £9.50 for 100ml from M&S.  I actually bought it when there was a 20% discount available for M&S Sparks Card holders.
I am really enjoying using this product after I have been on my feet all day as it's very relaxing to massage the gel into my feet and it instantly …

Bath & Body Works Haul from Orlando

I just returned home from a great holiday in Orlando and I wanted to share with you my Bath & Body Works haul.  B&BW is a must for me whenever I am in America as I love their products.  I took advantage of their great online offers (using a parcel delivery service called Fairytale Shopper which I heartily recommend if you are visiting Orlando) which made for some great deals.  Here's what I bought. I have wanted to try B&BW candles for ages, so I picked up a couple when they were $12.95 (instead of the usual $24.50).  I picked up my favourite all time scent Watermelon Lemonade (fragrance notes watermelon ice, sparkling water & meyer lemon) which is the perfect summer scent and Suntan (fragrance notes orange blossoms, bright citrus & soft coconut husk) which is just the perfect summer holiday scent.  I haven't had a chance to use them yet (with a candle warmer, I don't light candles). I stocked up on the fine fragrance mists.  They are all summer holiday t…

Primark K-Pop Pillow Talk Matte Lip Cushions

I recently bought 2 K-Pop Pillow Talk Matte Lip Cushions from Primark.  They only cost £2 each and I was keen to see if they were any good.  I bought the shades Honey Bun and Jelly Bean. They come in a tube that you squeeze to get the product out of and have a foam/cushion tip.   The product does come out pretty easily so you do need to be careful how hard you squeeze the tube or way too much product will come out.  It applies easily to my lips and the Honey Bun shade does look like eye shadow but strangely doesn’t feel dry at all.  I thought it would look very dry on my lips and unflattering like matte lipsticks tend to, but it looks great.  Strangely it does say on the product it's matte they didn't look matte to me. Honey Bun looks really nice.  It’s a bronze colour with a shimmer effect but it’s not over the top and looks great. Jelly Bean is a lovely pink/coral colour  (it looks more coral in the photo but in person it is more on the pink side) and is a bit bright for me.  T…