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Laidbare Skincare Brand Review - My Thoughts on the Products

Sorry my posts have been abit stop start recently.  I managed to sprain my ankle walking home from work one day when we had the really bad weather and I slipped on some ice.  It's been pretty painful, but hopefully the worst of it is over as the bruising has started to go down and my cankle is beginning to reduce back to it's normal size.  Hopefully things are now getting back to normal and I'm hoping that we have seen the back of snow and ice this year as I am sick of it (as this is Britain I'm sure that isn't the case).
Anyway I was looking through my stash recently and realised I had 3 products from Laidbare Skincare which I had received in Love Lula beauty boxes.  When I looked into the brand it was perfect for me as it is a natural (97%-100%), affordable skincare range that does not test on animals.  So I couldn't wait to try out the 3 products that I have from this range. DIY! Two in One Cleanser & Toner 125ml £6.99 This product contains Liquorice and Al…

Jolen Creme Bleach Review

I have been given the opportunity to try out  Jolen Creme Bleach*.  This is a product that lightens excess dark hair on your face.  I don't have lots of facial hair but just the odd dark hair around the lip line or chin (no idea where they come from, one minute they are not there and the next yikes!), so this was a product I was interested in trying out.

It is really easy to use just wash the area you want to bleach with soap and cold water and pat dry. Measure out the appropriate amount of product which is clearly detailed in the instructions.  You then apply the mixture to the area you want to bleach, covering the hair completely,  Leave for 8 minutes and remove with the spatula.  If the hair is not completely bleached reapply the mixture for another 5-10 minutes and then wash area with cold water.
I must admit that as the word bleach is in the product name I was really worried it would be quite harsh on my face, but I didn't notice it on at all.    I found this product quick …

Decluttering My Foundations & CC Creams

I am continuing on with my decluttering journey at a slow old pace (see my last post here).  The next cateogory that I am dealing with is foundations & CC creams.  First of all I will admit that this is a small category and will be very easy to get though as I only have 4 products to try out.  I very rarely wear foundation as I prefer the lighter touch of bb creams.  I always struggle to find a foundation that makes my skin look better not worse.  In fact the only foundation that I have ever tried out and liked is YSL Touche Eclate Le Teinte Foundation and for some reason I don't even have that in my collection right now.  Anyway I went through my stash of products and found the following 4 products that I need try out and see if they work for me. The things I am looking for in a foundation is: Easy to apply Makes my skin look better not worse Doesn't sink in to fine lines around my eyes and pores on my cheeks Doesn't cling to dry patches and make them look worse First of al…

DenTek Dental Products

I don't know about you, but I think it's really important to look after your teeth.  I have been to the dentist regularly all my life and apart from a few fillings, my teeth are pretty decent.  I would like them to be whiter, but at the moment I want to try whitening products before I go the whole hog and have my teeth whitened at the dentist (I am in the process of trying some whitening products out so will post about the results soon). 

According to Dentekbrushing teeth without flossing is comparable to cleaning only 65% of the body leaving 35% untouched and prime for bacterial growth.That being the case I was very happy to receive some dental products* to try out and they are all really easy to include in your daily dental routine.   DenTek Sensitive Extra Gentle Floss Picks* (with advanced Fluoride Coating) These are clinically proven to remove plaque as effectively as dental floss.  This product includes extra gentle floss, comfort pick and tongue cleaner. Floss picks remov…

Project Use It Up 2017 - Final Update

So last year I set myself a challenge to use up 10 products that I had ignored for ages (this is a belated update on that challenge).  I managed to use up 5 at the half year point which you can read about here but did I finish them all?

Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Gold - I love this colour, but because I have hooded eyelids, I don't usually wear eye liner (although I own loads of them - go figure!).  FAIL I will admit that I have barely used this product, so it's not much different to when I started the challenge.  I do like this bronzey colour though, so I am not throwing it away just yet.  I will use it to attempt a smudgy, smoky eye going forward. Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Instant Visual Flaw-Softening Lotion - 30ml - I bought this in a box set during the Christmas sales a couple of years ago and have never used it.  I will mix this in with my moisturiser or foundation for a dewy glow.  FAIL I didn't manage to use it up although I did use it a few times but …

Money Saving Tips - No 2 Car Insurance Renewal

My goal this year is to try and save as much money as possible and to share how I'm doing it as I go along. 
I have had car insurance for a number of years (too many to mention) and every year it seems to increase regardless of the fact  that I haven't made any claims.  For most insurance I have such as home and travel I always shop around for the best deal, and while I have moved my car insurance to another company previously I hadn’t done it in a couple of years. This year my insurance increased by over £100 even though I hadn’t had an accident or made any claim and there’s no way I’m paying that amount.  So I went on a few comparison websites and completed a quote to see which companies came out cheaper. 

Now I must admit that I’m a bit reluctant to move my insurance to companies that I’ve never heard of, so the ones that were cheaper but I hadn't heard of, I decided not to look into any further (these companies can offer you good savings so they are worth looking into …

Lazy Girls Guide to...... Covering Grey

I'm terrible when it comes to colouring my hair.  I promise myself each time I colour my hair that I will keep on top of it and do it on a more regular basis so that my grey hair doesn't show, but I never do.  I don't have lots of grey hair just a steak on my parting that started in my twenties.  I'm not really bothered by it so there are times when it's on show as I really can't be bothered to colour my hair (I colour my hair at home not the salon).  Now when my grey starts peeking through I just fall back on the root concealer sprays that are readily available that cover my greys in less then a minute.  When they first came out I wasn't so keen as the first one I used as it just seemed to stain my scalp and seemed obvious I had used a root concealer spray, but nowadays they seem to work really well, take no more then a minute to spray on and last until you wash your hair.  At first I worried that it would run out of my hair if I got caught out in the rain…

Customer Service Highs & Lows

Customer service can be so hit and miss so I wanted to highlight where I have received great customer service and where the customer service hasn't been so good recently.
I will start with Glossier.  I have made a few orders since they arrived in the UK (you can read about the products that I bought here) and I have referred a few people, so ended up with some store credit to use.  Unfortunately, the store credit was in US Dollars rather than Sterling, so I couldn't use it when I ordered through the UK site.  I emailed Glossier, to see if they could transfer the credit to sterling and within about 1 hour they had replied and transferred the credit into Sterling (on a £1 for $1 basis which I was not expecting).  Absolutely fantastic service.  A couple of days later I placed an order using the store credit and paid the remainder with my credit card, but there was an error right at the end saying that the order had not gone though (no idea why this happened).  I went to place the …

February Giveaway

For any fans of eyeliner this is the giveaway for you.  The prize is a selection of black eyeliners for you to try out and perfect your wings and flicks.  The giveaway is open internationally until 28th February and all you have to do is follow me on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet about the giveaway here.  For an extra entry follow me on Instagram and leave a comment on the giveaway post here.  Here's what you can win:

Ciate London Fierce Flicks Eyeko London Skinny Liquid EyelinerThe Body Shop Smoky Eye Definer Good luck everyone.


H&M Conscious Brand Review - My Thoughts on the Products

I was flicking through one of the glossy magazines (must be a while back as I haven't bought one in ages) and saw H&M Conscious products mentioned (I think this have been available for a couple of years now although I'm not 100%).  Ever since then I have been dying to try them out, but they weren't available in my local H&M in Leeds.  When I visited London I decided that H&M on Oxford Street was on my must do list so I could check out the range.  I was really impressed when I did as there is so much on offer and it's reasonably priced as well.  After umming and ahhing for  a while I decided to buy the products below.  I really could have bought loads more, but as I had to get them home with me and I was running out of space in my suitcase I held back. Revelation Shower Oil - £4.99 for 250ml This is an oil to foam product that hydrates and soothes dry skin.  It contains soybean oil and castor oil.  It has a very light fragrance and leaves your skin feeling lov…