MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Setting Spray Watermelon and Pineapple Review

I think I have found the cutest beauty product of this summer.  I was browsing in Harvey Nichols this week and I couldn't help but find myself in the MAC section and came across thelimited edition range of their great Prep + Prime Fix+ Setting Spray in 5 different Summer scents including a Watermelon version. Now anyone that knows me knows my favourite scent is Watermelon Lemonade see my post here, so there was no way I was leaving the Watermelon version behind, I also picked up the pineapple version as well as it's such a lovely scent.   I think they have only recently come out with this range and as soon as I passed the stand in Harvey Nichols I zeroed in on this range.   The scents are so fruity and smell so lovely and fresh.  There all come in fantastic packaging as well and as they are minis they are great for on the go.   I use these not only to set my makeup but also as a face mist to freshen up and cool down throughout the day and night.

There are also 3 other scents in …

elf Hydrating Face Primer Review

If you are looking for a reasonably priced face primer suitable for dry skin then look no further than the e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer.  This primer is infused with grape, vitamins A, C & E which helps boost the complexion and hydrate your skin. This is a silicone based primer (it contains dimethicone), so there is a lot of slip to it, which is perfect for me. When I wear foundation without this primer, every dry area on my face is highlighted as the foundation just sticks to those places and I find this primer helps the foundation to glide over my skin and sits nicely without sinking into my pores.
You can purchase this online here. The small size is £7.50 and the large is £12.50 (it does not state the size of the products on the website or bottle). You can also buy e.l.f. products instore or online at Superdrug. At the moment there are gift with purchase offers on both sites which I find happens pretty regularly with e.l.f.
e.l.f. is an affordable skincare and makeup range that o…

A Few of My Favourite Things - Bath & Body Works Watermelon Lemonade

I thought I would post about some of my favourite things that I'm using at the moment.  I have been a really big fan of Bath & Body Works for quite a number of years since I started visiting America in my twenties.  One of the first shops (after Sephora of course) that I got addicted to was Bath & Body Works.  

I love the range of products that they have and the number of different fragrances.  I always seem to have stuck to one main fragrance over the years and initially that was Japanese Cherry Blossom which I loved but I'm a fickle person when it comes to beauty and when I first caught a whiff of Watermelon Lemonade that was it, I was hooked.  It's my absolute favourite scent from B&BW and I can't get enough of the range.  It is a summer fragrance so the whole range is in stock online at the moment here. It's such a lovely light fruity fragrance that smells fabulous, it's the perfect Summer Scent.There are a great range of products that you can pur…

Money Saving - Car Breakdown cover

It's been a while since I wrote any money saving posts so I thought I would write one now as I have just renewed my Car Breakdown cover.
As I have previously posted, whenever I get any renewal letters I always check a comparison website to see if any other company I am interested in using can offer me the same deal or better for less (if I haven't heard anything about a company I am reluctant to use them no matter how much money it would save).   I also check to see if the company offers any cashback if I use Quidco or Topcashback (I don't just use cashback as a reason to change companies as there is always the risk that the cashback doesn't get paid so always go with the best quote first and then look at the cashback).  Finally I get a quote with my current company as a new customer just to maker sure that I am being offered the best deal as they can offer new customers better deals.   On this occasion my renewal price was the best offer available, which is unusual as…

TK Maxx Bargains - Chanel Nail Polish

I often browse in TK Maxx during my lunch break as they sell some great brands at bargain prices, but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a shelf of Chanel nail polishes for a mere £7.99 each, when they usually retail at £22. 

I quickly checked out all the colours available and whilst some of them were not the greatest colours I have ever seen, there were a few that were right up my alley.  I ended up buying 3 shades, Tutti Fruitti a gorgeous shimmery coral colour, Pink Tonic, a hot pink shade with a hint of shimmer and Rouge Moire which is a beautiful burgundy metallic shade. They are all colours that I would pay full price for (well at duty free anyway) as they are just lovely. I will definitely keep an eye out for more Chanel products in TK Maxx in the future.
Have you picked up any bargains in TK Maxx recently?

Leigh I bought these products with my own money

Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening and Soothing Masks

If you're wondering why I bought these products, then I will totally admit it was because of the unusual packaging.  It's so weird, like a coffee cup with a lid in the shape of a babies face with what looks like a straw coming out of it's mouth.  I mean come on how can you resist that sort of weird and wonderful packaging.  Well I can't anyway.  I picked up these 2 face masks in Sephora when I was in Florida recently.  They were $12 each and come in 4 varieties.  I bought the brightening and soothing masks (you can also get hydro and firming masks).  You can buy them on online at ASOS for £8 in the UK.

So yeah, I like the packaging, but what about the actual product.  Well you have to do a little bit of work to get to applying the mask on your face, but that's part of the fun (admittedly,  I will probably get bored of it soon).  In each cup (which is the mixing cup), you get 2 sachets.  Step 1 is the Super Booster and Step 2 is the soothing or brightening ampoule (d…

TEMPLESPA AAAHHH! Soothing Balm for Aching Feet & Limbs

The TEMPLESPA AAAHHH! Soothing Balm for Aching Feet and Limbs has been a godsend after a gym workout. It's a lightweight lotion that cools and refreshes my legs. I have tried products like this before, but let me tell you this product really packs a punch. It takes a while to kick in, but when it does you can really feel it. You massage it into your legs and nothing happens and you start thinking that this product really does not work, but then the cooling sensation gradually builds up until it's like the lower half of your body is a totally different temperature to the top half of your body it's very weird, but I like it. I've never used a product that is this intense and it does tell you on the box to wash your hands after use and let me tell you, you do not want to put your hands near your eyes after using this product as I imagine it will really sting.
After using this product my legs really do feel soothed and refreshed and the ache is not as intense. I usually pic…