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I've finally found a diet that works for me - Slim Fast & Slimming World

Yes, it's true, I will say it again, I have finally found a diet that works for me.  Stop me if you have heard this one before, but the secret to losing weight is basically eat less and exercise more (mind blown!!!).  It's taken me a long time to really commit to that, but I finally have and I have already lost 5 pounds in the first week.  I have always been reluctant to calorie count as I thought it would be adding an extra complication into my life, but after years of being overweight and trying to diet here and there, I have finally worked out a plan that is easy to incorporate into my daily life.  It started when I was flipping through channels on TV and came across 'Lose a stone in 4 weeks', where participants tried different diets for a month in the hopes of hitting the target of 1 stone weight loss.  There were loads of different diets to choose from and it was an interesting watch, with some diets that I wouldn't touch with a barge pole but others that I tho

Beautylish Original Lucky Bag 2021 Review - UK Purchaser

Beautylish Lucky Bags are mystery boxes full of beauty products including makeup and skincare.  I don't purchase any subscription boxes nowadays as I was just overloaded with products that I never use but I can't resist the Beautylish Lucky Bags.  They  are on offer once a year and it's nice to get a box full of surprises especially from America as a lot of the products are either brands we can't get over here or brands I haven't tried before.    The Original Lucky Bag costs $75 (approx £55) and includes at least $150 worth of products which is a good deal.  Obviously you don't know what you are getting but getting double the amount of surprise products is ok with me.    There is a Jeffree Star Lucky Bag as well but I'm not a big fan as there are a lot of outlandish colours in his collection and that's just not for me as I can't carry those colours off.  Beautylish also offer an XL Lucky Bag (and a Jeffree Star option) which costs $150 for $300+ wo

Natural Deodorant Reviews

I have been meaning to try out more natural deodorants for a while and being back in lockdown has allowed me to use various natural deodorants without the risk of them potentially failing whilst I am in the office.  I am happy to report that all the deodorants I have tried have worked very well and I will be continuing to  use them in the future rather than the sprays that I have relied on in the past.  The deodorants that I am reviewing below were all purchased by me. Natural deodorants do not necessarily stop you from sweating, they are more about keeping you fresh and odour free, but I haven't felt like a sweaty betty when I have been using these products I am happy to report. Lush Aromaco Solid Deodorant  costs £6.50 for 100g which is a nice chunky block.  This product uses antibacterial witch hazel and soothing camomile vinegar and it's very easy to use by rubbing it on clean, dry armpits.  It doesn't leave a residue on your skin or mark you clothes and I haven't h

*Reverse Life Super Strength Immune 52 Power Boost Review

  *I received this product for free but the opinions are my own. I am a big believer in taking vitamin supplements especially over the winter months and especially during this pandemic, so I was happy to receive Reverse Life Super Strength Immune 52 Power Boost*  to try out.  This product provides 52 maximum strength vitamins and minerals to provide defensive support in adults.  It is designed to work with your body to provide an essential layer of protection and support and includes a high-quality dose of vitamin D3 (supporting our immune system with vitamin D and other vitamins, minerals and amino acids we may be lacking is crucial when we need our immunity to help us fight winter viruses, including Covid19. This is product is an all-in-one daily liquid supplement which is vegan, cruelty free and non-GMO. Simply take a 15ml dose each morning. A 500ml bottle costs £29  here .  This supplement contains optimum doses of vitamins A, C, E & 8 B vitamins, plus magnesium, calcium, zinc,