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*The Squeeky Cleaners Organic Cleaning Products Multi-Purpose Cleaner Review

*I received this product for free but the opinions are my own. Continuing  on with my aim to be more environmentally friendly I was given the chance to try out The Squeeky Cleaners Multi-Purpose Cleaner from their organic cleaning products range*.    This is a small but great way to reduce my plastic waste by using a reusable Aluminium Squeeky Life Bottle instead of continually purchasing new bottles of cleaning product.  I just wash the Squeeky Life Bottle and repurchase the concentrated cleaner when I need it. The Aluminium Squeeky Life Bottle comes with the cleaning product of your choice.  They have Multi-Purpose, Glass, Bathroom & Floor Cleaners as well as Surface Polish and Limescale Remover.  You need to use half of the concentrated cleaner, fill up with water, give it a quick shake and you are good to go.  It's that simple.  I wish cleaning my kitchen was that quick and easy.     You use this product as you would most other cleaning products.  Spray directly onto the su

Tips for Charity Shopping & Favourite Finds

I like charity shopping, because it allows me to find quality pieces at an affordable price and it also allows me to pick up clothes that are out of my comfort zone, but are worth a try when you can pick them up for a couple of quid (maybe a bit more at some charity shops as they are not always cheap). It does take a bit of time and patience going through all the rails trying to find something that takes your fancy which comes in your size.  I think that if you are a smaller size, then charity shops can be amazing because you can sometimes find high end and even top designer pieces at really great prices.  If you are more of a bigger standard size, then you are in the majority and the pickings are not quite as easy to come by, but keep looking because those gems are out there waiting to be found.   First of all I wanted to give you a few quick tips for successful charity shopping (I apologise in advance for numbers 8-10 but they are critical. I saved them till last but be prepared to b