Kiehls Bargain Haul

There have been lots of great offers around lately and this Kiehls offer was one of the best (sadly its no longer available).  For £8.50 I got all of this.

The offer was buy 1 item and receive 5 deluxe samples for free, plus postage was free on all orders and you could also pick 3 normal samples as well.   As Kiehls is one of my favourite brands this offer was a no brainer for me so I snapped it up.  This is what I received:

I purchased the Ultra Facial Toner (75ml) for £8.50.  I love the Ultra Facial Moisturizer, so I have been meaning to get the toner as well.

These are the 5 deluxe samples:

  1. Ultra Facial Moisturizer (30ml) - worth approx £5.76 (based on full size prices)
  2. Creme de Corps (30ml) - worth approx £3.40
  3. Midnight Recovery Concentrate (4ml) - worth approx £4.80
  4. Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser Grapefruit (65ml) - worth approx £3.90
  5. Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (30ml) - worth approx £3.80
These are the 3 normal samples that I picked:
    1. Midnight Recovery Concentrate (2 ml)
    2. Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (1.5ml)
    3. Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment (3ml)
    All in all I think this was a brilliant offer, the freebies were some of my favourite Kiehls products and the others I am happy to try out for the first time.

    I find these offers by signing up to brands facebook pages or by receiving regular emails from them.   I also keep my eyes out on various facebook beauty pages.  

    Did anyone else manage to take advantage of this offer?


    I paid for these products with my own money and no links are sponsered.


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