Donate to Charity at Christmas

This year my family and I decided to donate £10 from the money we would normally spend on each other to charity.  There are 4 of us, so we have £30 each to donate to our chosen charities.

I have just found a great way to support one of my favourite charities, the Cats Protection branch where I got 2 rescue cats.  The great thing is that it involves shopping, which is always good for a self confessed shopaholic like me.

My chosen charity has set up a wish list on Amazon.  You can buy any of the items on the list (cat food, cat litter, cat toys and scratch mats etc).  These range in price from £4.49 to £50+.  The only difference is that after you pay, the items are sent directly to the charity.  I think that it is a great way to support charities this Christmas and I know that my money is going directly to help the cats in the care of the Cats Protection.  In addition I know that the charity is getting things that they really need.

I think we will start doing this every year, as we all spend far too much at Christmas on stuff that we don't really need, so its nice to spend a little bit of that money on good causes.

Here's a link to the wish list that I bought some items from.  This is my local branch, but there are wish lists for branches throughout the country.

My sister and mum donated their money to dog rescue centres and my other sister donated her money to a couple of horse charities.  You can tell we all love animals can't you.



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