Candie's Nail Polish

I was browsing in Primark (as you do) and came across a stand with some lovely nail polishes called Candie's. They caught my eye as they are in a really pretty bottle with a rose gold top.   I haven't seen this brand before, so I thought I would pick a couple up while I was in Meadowhall Shopping Centre. There were a good range of colours but I ended up buying two:

White Noise - a clear polish with iridescent bar glitter and smaller glitter.  It will look great as a top coat.

Dream Pink - a pink glitter with clear base which again will look great as a top coat.

They are 10ml and were priced on the stand at £2.50 which I didn't think was bad, but when I got to the till they wouldn't scan and when I checked my bill the manager had put them through manually at £1 so they were a definite bargain.

I would be tempted to buy more if I hadn't just tidied up my nail polishes and realised just how many I have.  I didn't count my nail polish stash, but I probably have well over a 100.

I will add a photo when I get a chance to try them on my nails.

Have you bought any Candies nail polishes?



  1. Hi Kathryn I was so pleased that they went through @ £1. Wish I had got more for that price. Have you entered my giveaway for a Marc Jacobs nail polish?

  2. They are really nice I was so pleased with them especially for £1 each


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