Fragrance Direct Haul

I was recently tempted into making an order on Fragrance Direct.  I just couldn't resist the Essie nail polishes for a bargainous £1.99 each.  I picked up:

  1. madison ave-hue - a pretty pink colour with fine glitter
  2. bond with whomever - a lovely light purple colour
  3. go ginza - a pastel lilac
  4. avenue maintain - a bright blue
  5. maximillian strasse her - a pastel greyish green
I also bought a Revlon nail polish in Popular which is pale pink with silver glitter (99p).  Thats all for the nail polishes.  I bought a couple of Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks for 99p - Notting Hill Nude & Cherry-licious.  The next item to make it into my basket was UNE Sheer Lips Balm in S05.  This was £1.99 (I have never tried this brand).  Finally, I had to have a cream blush - Elizabeth Arden Cream Blush in Honey for £5.50.
Fragrance Direct Haul
Essie Polishes

Revlon Popular
 L-R - Notting Hill Nude, Cherry-Licious, UNE S05, Honey Blush
Elizabeth Arden Honey Cream Blush (blended in)
 Total spend £22.40 including postage and packing.


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