& Other Stories - Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Dupe

Sol de Janeiro's famous Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is one of my absolute favourite products ever, I just adore the scent (you can find my thoughts on the products from this brand here, here and here). Unfortunately, as it is a rather pricey product at £44 for 240ml, it's a treat for me rather than a regular purchase, so I was intrigued to hear about a dupe for the scent sold by & Other Stories. 

& Other Stories Perle de Coco Body Lotion

& Other Stories is one of my favourite stores and I have bought lots of jewellery from them as they sell really nice pieces at reasonable prices. They sell a range of products called Perle de Coco which I was informed smelled exactly like Brazilian Bum Bum cream (lets call it BBBC from now on) and it's much cheaper. Of course I had to go investigate at my nearest store and I picked up a couple of products to try out. First was the Perle de Coco Body Lotion which costs £8 for 350ml. As it's a body lotion rather than a cream, it is not as thick, rich and creamy as BBBC, but the scent is a pretty good dupe for the real thing. Maybe it's even a tad sweeter if that's possible. You can smell it on your skin when you apply it and it does scent your skin for a while, but it's nice and subtle, not overpoweringly sweet and it does feel nicely moisturising. I don't love it as much as BBBC, but it's a nice alternative for when I don't have the real thing so I will buy it again.
& Other Stories Perle de Coco Perfume Oil

I also bought the Perle de Coco Perfume Oil which is £13 for 6ml.  This does not smell quite as strong or sweet as the cream, so I don't love it as much as the lotion and would probably not buy it again, but it was nice to try. It didn't have much staying power either.

Perle de Coco is described as milky coconut cruising seas of warm vanilla and sweet caramel which is a long winded way of saying it's a sweet and creamy scent, so it's definitely worth looking at these products if you like sweet scents.  I will definitely try out some more products from this range, but I will still buy BBBC in the future as a treat.



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