Aldi Bath & Body Works Dupes - Foaming Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Hand Cream

When I heard that Aldi were selling products that are dupes for Bath & Body Works (B&BW) I raced down there to see what I could find. On the first occasion that I visited, I couldn't find anything that resembled B&BW, so left empty handed, but since I live within walking distance of Aldi (although I rarely actually shop there) I visited again and managed to find the products that I was looking for. I picked up Foaming Hand Wash (250ml) and Shower Gel (400ml) in the scents Winter Candy Apple, Winter Cookies & Ginger Bread Latte for £1.99 each and I also bought the Winter Candy Apple Hand Cream (100ml) for £1.79. The packaging does resemble B&BW a little bit, but most importantly how do they smell?
Aldi Bath & Body Works Dupes - Foaming Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Hand Cream

Aldi Bath & Body Works Dupes - Foaming Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Hand Cream
First of all I should say that I am a massive fan of B&BW and I always stock up when in America (you can now buy a limited range in Next) and I also source some of my favourite products from a Facebook page (Bath & Body Works Fans UK) which I will continue to do. My favourite B&BW scents are Watermelon Lemonade, Strawberry Pound Cake and Japanese Cherry Blossom, so I don't normally gravitate to the scents that were sold in Aldi, so I can't compare them to similar scents from B&BW. That being said, these are nice products for the price, the hand cream isn't the most moisturising product I have every used, but its nice enough.  I do like the scent of the Winter Candy Apple products as they smell fruity and it is my favourite smell out of the 3. The Winter Cookies has a lovely sweet, baked goods smell and the Ginger Bread Latte is my least favourite as its a vaguely sweet smell, but I don't get much gingerbread from it. I really liked the Foaming Hand Soap as its very similar to the B&BW product and at only £1.99 is a great alternative. 

Will I stop buying B&BW products, heck no, but I will continue to buy the Foaming Hand Soap from Aldi for as long as they sell it as its so reasonably priced. If they start selling dupe candles then I will definitely be trying them out as well, because I have a little bit of a B&BW candle habit going on. As with all Aldi dupes, there is no guarantee how long they will be on sale for, so its always best to buy them when you see them. These are a nice alternative for B&BW fans, but they certainly wont replace them as I will still continue to buy B&BW products from Facebook or Next until I can travel to America again.


I bought these products with my own money


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