Veganuary 2022 - Vegan Takeaways and Chocolate

With it being Veganuary I decided to start the year by trying out a few vegan options (admittedly mainly fast food and snack options).  I didn't go full Vegan but I wanted to try out a few options to see what they were like.  There do seem to be a lot more vegan options around nowadays, its definitely moved on from the one option on a menu that it used to be.
Veganuary 2022
Whenever I go to Subway one of the options I usually go for is the Meatball Marinara which I really like.  As its Veganuary I decided to try out the Meatless Meatball Marinara and I have to say I didn't really notice a difference in taste at all.  I would go as far as to say that next time I go to Subway I would pick the meatless version over the meat version. 

This looked identical to the Chicken Royal and to be honest I couldn't tell the difference in the taste.  Another one that I could easily replace the meat version with.  

This was the only burger I tried and again I have to say I liked the taste.  I could tell it wasn't a meat burger by looking at it but taste wise I enjoyed it.  The only thing that let it down was that it was cold when I ate it which is one of those things that happens at fast food places.  Other than that it was a tasty burger and something I would choose to eat again if I was in McDonalds.

This was another vegan 'chicken' burger and very tasty as well.  This one had a bit of a kick with the herbs and spices and I really enjoyed it.

All in all I'm impressed with the fast food vegan options.  From a meat eaters point of view I was really impressed with them all.  I enjoyed them all and would be happy to get them all again and I would pick them over the meat versions which has surprised me.  Big thumbs up for all the above.

Now I thought I would give vegan chocolate a go as well.  I tried Galaxy Caramel and Seasalt Bar and Cadburys Plant Bar made with Almonds and Salted Caramel.  Did I like them? Yes I did, they were both really nice chocolate bars and I couldn't tell any difference from non vegan bars of chocolate, but I did find them expensive compared to the bars I would normally purchase which would usually be £1 - £1.50 compared to £2 (if on offer) - £2.50 for the vegan bars.  Its not a lot I know but I'm not sure that I would want to pay nearly double the price for them.  Quality chocolate that's for sure but not sure I would purchase them again at that price.

I will definitely be looking out for more vegan options as I really enjoyed them all and I'm keen to try out some vegan food at restaurants which I haven't really had a chance to do in January.  Veganuary has surprised me as I didn't think I would be too keen on the options available, but I was wrong and while I don't think I will become vegan I will be swapping out some of my meals with vegan options going forward.  


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