Zoya & O.P.I Nail Polish Haul

Here's some more pictures of my holiday nail polish haul.  I recently posted my Zoya PixieDust haul which was also part of it here.  I must admit I went a little bit mad as the Zoyas were only $8.50 and the O.P.Is were $7.50.  I could have bought more but managed to hold back and not buy the whole store (although I'm regretting it now).

Zoya Haul
As well as the 3 PixieDust polishes I also bought another 4 Zoya polishes. There were some lovely colours to choose from and I spent ages in the store before finally deciding on the 4 below.

Tinsley, Hazel, Noel, Feifei
Zoyas website describes it as rose gold foil metallic and to be honest that's exactly what it is a reddy pink colour mixed with fine gold glitter. Its a beautiful colour and I cant wait to try it on my nails. 
Zoyas website describes this as a blue green foil metallic. This is a lovely silvery blue mixed with a fine gold glitter. Gorgeous.

Zoyas website describes this as a faded denim blue with subtle hints of gold and silver in a dense foil finish. Another fab colour, its more teal than denim blue with silver & gold mixed through it. 
Zoyas website describes this as a medium steel blue base with heavy gold, blue and pink iridescent metallic sparkle. Very similar to Hazel although its a darker blue but I would say that the blue and gold is more evenly added in this colour so its as much gold as blue and is a very fine glitter.
I was obviously into blue polishes when I bought these as I must admit Hazel, Noel and Feifei do look quite similar in the bottle but I just couldn't resist them, Im hoping they look different on my nails.  I cant wait to try them and will post them on my blog when I get a good photo.

Bastille My Heart, Haven't The Foggiest, Tiffany Case
Bastille My Heart
This is a deep burgundy nail polish which looks like it will be great to wear for an evening out.

Haven't The Foggiest
This is a lovely silver metallic colour.

Tiffany Case Liquid Sand
This is a light blue with silver glitter which looks great.  I haven't tried any of the liquid sand polishes yet so I cant wait to try them.  Again I'm somewhat obsessed with blue nail polishes at the moment so seem to keep buying them.

I also got a O.P.I nail file for $1 (you can never have enough nail files).

2 x Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails.  I know these aren't Zoya or O.P.Is but they were part of the same haul so I wanted to include them.  My nails are rubbish at the moment, they are short and if I manage to grow them they break easily.  They are also soft and peel at lot.  I wish I could get gorgeous long nails like I see on peoples manicure posts but sadly short and stubby is what I am generally left with.  I have loads of different products to try out on my nails so hopefully this year I can test them all and show off the results here.  These were $5 each and are 4ml.

Anyway that's enough from me for now.  Hopefully I will get a chance to use these polishes soon and if I can get a decent photo I will post them on my blog.

I bought these with my own money


  1. Lovely haul! I did a zoya haul a little while back and it took me HOURS to decide on what to get (I was shopping online so had the luxury of no sales staff to judge me and the benefit of googling swatches). I now want all of the ones you picked out too!!

  2. The Tiffany Case Liquid Sand by OPI is a very cute nail polish color!

  3. I wish I had picked up loads more as the price was so good :)

  4. I love the colors. So pretty


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