Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencils at TK Maxx

Here's yet another bargain from TK Maxx.

I spotted a shelf full of makeup for a brand called Sue Devitt which I have never heard of before.  A quick google told me that Sue Devitt is an international makeup artist from Australia and her products were sold in the likes of Harvey Nichols and in the USA Macys and Barneys before the brand folded early in 2013.  So its fair to say this was a premium brand.  They had loads of different items including foundation, brushes and blushes, but it was the Eye Intensifier Pencils that caught my eye.  For a bargain £1.99 each I snapped up 6. 

They have a lovely soft, creamy consistency and the colour payoff is great.  I have yet to test the staying power, but will update when I do.  Heres what I bought:
  1. Laos - A shimmery bronze colour
  2. Golden Triangle - Dark olive green with gold shimmer
  3. Gold Reef - Slightly darker than Laos
  4. Bangalore - a gorgeous olive gold colour
  5. Surat - a lovely metallic beige colour
  6. Epernay - a beautiful shimmery light beige colour, perfect to use as a highlighter
Here's some swatches:

Top to Bottom: Golden Triangle, Golden Reef, Laos, Epernay, Bangalore & Surat
I love them all and think they were a brilliant bargain.  


I bought these with my own money


  1. I have her blusher a good range

  2. I wish I could go to tk maxx seen some great brands at bargain prices but housebound

  3. Gotta love Tkmaxx, gorgeous shades x

  4. Thanks for all your comments.


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