Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish Haul

Let me start off by saying that I love Zoya nail polishes.  They are probably my favourite brand but as you can only get them online and they are quite expensive, I've never bought any.  I got into them when I received some in beauty boxes over the last couple of years and also swapping with people but that's about it. When I was recently in America I came across a small shop that sold a range of beauty products and had stands with loads of Zoya polishes for $8.50 and O.P.I polishes for $7.50.  Man was I in my element.  I know I was on holiday but I think I went into that shop every evening and bought something (it would be rude not to).  In the end I got a great haul which I will post about soon but I was most excited about getting some Zoya PixieDust nail polishes. They are such lovely colours and in hindsight I wish I had bought more of them but never mind no need to be greedy.  In the end these are the 3 I picked up.
Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in Liberty 
Zoyas website describes this as blue sugary sparkle but I don't think this really describes this gorgeous polish with any justice as its such a great bright blue.  I used a base coat to prevent any staining and 2 layers to get this coverage which I think is just right.  I didn't use any top coat as I didn't want to spoil the affect.  It lasts a reasonable amount of time without chipping.
Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in Stevie                                                   
Zoyas website describes it as a violet sparkle and that's exactly what it is. Its gorgeous, goes on with 2 layers and is easy to apply.  I must admit when I'm wearing this or any of the PixieDust range I can't stop looking at my nails they are mesmerising.  I love love love this colour.  I have worn it on my nails but haven't managed to get a photo that does it justice so far, so I've included this from Zoyas website.
Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish in Miranda
Zoyas website describes this colour as rose sparkle.    This is just so pretty, its a reddy pink and looks fantastic on my nails.    Again easy to apply in 2 layers.   I have worn it on my nails but haven't managed to get a photo that does it justice so far so I've included this from Zoyas website.
I love all these colours and can't pick a favourite.  I would love to get my hands on more of the range.  They are all easy to apply with just 2 layers and I haven't found them too much of a problem to remove from my nails as Ive got a nail polish remover that you dip your finger into and its especially for glitters which I got from a pound shop.  

I will try and get my other nail polish hauls up on the blog as soon as I can.

Have you tried Zoya PixieDust yet, what do you think?  Where is the best place to buy Zoyas in the UK?

I bought these nail polishes with my own money


  1. These are so ridiculously pretty! Remind me a lot of Rimmel Space Dust - although SD is SO hard to get off.


  2. Wow all colours look amazing especially Miranda :) I haven't tried Zoya yet always heard good things though :)

    Charmed Charlee

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog Kate and Charlee. I love Zoya, I definitely want to buy some more.


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