Forever 21 Haul

Here's my Forever 21 Haul from LA.  This will be a picture heavy post I'm afraid but I don't think many words are needed.    I always say this about everything but I just couldn't resist buying these pieces.  Forever 21 is so cheap that you can buy more than you normally would.  I only get a chance to visit it a couple of times a year in London so its nice in America when there are shops everywhere so you can keep going in and browsing (or buying ;)).   I must admit I generally prefer silver jewellery but some of the necklaces were so nice and where they didn't have them in silver I bought them in gold.

Clockwise from top left - All necklaces
4 Leaf Clover $4.80
Angel Wing $3.80
Side Cross $2.80
Keys $2.80
Handcuffs $3.80
2 Crosses $3.80

Leaf Bracelet $4.80
Wishbone Bracelet $1.80
Silver Heart Ring $2.80 (same ring in picture below)

Gold Cuff $5.80
Silver Cuff $4.80
Silver Heart Ring $2.80
Gold Heart Ring $2.80
2 Silver Rings $3.80

L-R Bracelets
Oui $3.80
Side Cross $2.80

I hope you like my haul.  Send me your links if you have any good hauls.


I bought these with my own money


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