Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail Polish Poundland Haul

I bought this haul a while ago (so haven't broken my spending ban) but haven't had a chance to post it before now as I have been posting my holiday hauls. I should never go into Poundland as I am always tempted.  These seemed a really good deal as alot of the time the nail polishes look really old and the polish itself has separated but these looked as good as new.  When I spotted them I thought they looked really pretty and as I looked through the shelf I kept finding more and I couldn't put any of them back as they were all such lovely colours. These are called Revlon Chroma Chameleon.

L-R Tanzanite, Gold, Aquamarine, Topaz, Pink Qurtz, Cobalt
Tanzanite - The main colour is purple which changes to a goldy bronze.

Gold - This starts gold and changes to green.

Aquamarine - This is a gorgeous aqua blue which changes to a purple.

Topaz - This is a greeny gold which looks like it might change to a darker green although its hard to tell looking at the bottle.

Pink Quartz - This is a gold colour which changes to pink and it looks like it will be a fab colour.

Cobalt - This a a lovely deep blue but to be honest I can't really see a second colour but it is a nice colour by itself.

Overall these look like a great bunch of polishes.  From checking online it looks like this was a set of 8 polishes so I'm pleased that I managed to get 6 of them.  I cant wait to try them and will post swatches on here when I do. These are on sale in Superdrug for £6.49 so look out for them in Pound shops as this is a great bargain.

I bought these with my own money


  1. ooh bargain! I'll look out for these - the aqua blue looks gorgeous:) xx

  2. These look great! I can never find the great deals in poundland that others do!

  3. Great post I love the sound of the Gold one! x

  4. I've never seen these shades before - they are AMAZING. I am glad you snagged all of them! I think you will get tons of wear from those colors. Great post!


  5. They are all great colours and I am so glad that I picked them up


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