Primark Haul

Here's my most recent Primark haul.  It's always so easy to pop into Primark and come out with a big bag of items. The Primark store in Trinity Leeds is really spacious and everything is set out nicely, so it's always good to have a browse in.  Here's my latest haul:

I bought 2 pairs of shoes with crossover straps in black and tan which will be perfect for work.  They were £12 each.
Tan Shoes from Primark

Black Shoes from Primark
I also purchased a pair of casual black flats that will look great with a skirt. They cost £3.
Black Shoes from Primark
I bought 5 pairs of plimsolls in different colours for £3 each.  
Plimsolls from Primark
I also bought a couple of pairs of black flats for work. They also cost £3.  
Black Shoes from Primark
I picked up some colourful summer t-shirts for £4 each (they are very similar to a t-shirt that I bought in New Look for £8 and also similar to a t-shirt that was available in Topshop for about £16.  The material is a little thinner but that's really the only difference.
T-Shirts from Primark
I bought a striped pair of pj bottoms for £6.
PJs from Primark
A stripy bag for £4.
Bag from Primark
An accessory hanger for my necklaces so that they don't get tangled up.  This cost £1 or £2.
Accessory Hanger from Primark
Finally I  bought a canvas shopping bag which was either £1.50 or £2.
LA Bag from Primark
Have you been to Primark lately?  Here's my previous Primark Haul if you are interested.

I bought these with my own money


  1. I just love Primark! :)

  2. Loving the black lace flats :)
    I lived in Leeds for 10 months..and as soon as I read that you've been to Primark there my eyes started shining :)
    Follow you by now, hope you follow me back!
    xx Elena

  3. Hi Elena
    I love the Leeds Primark store its so big. Thanks for following me. Send me your link and I will folow you back :)

  4. The tan flats are beautiful! I've been looking for shoes like these evrywhere

  5. Hi Ashwini there are some really nice shoes in Primark at the moment for really great prices I've managed to find some more recently which I will be posting about soon.

  6. Great haul with a so pretty selection!
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Great haul! I especially love the shoes. You have a great taste!

  8. I love those brown flats!

  9. Thanks for all you nice comments. Its great to know that you guys are all reading my blog :)

  10. Love the brown flats! Great haul, bravo!

  11. I like the black flats! They are simple and chic at the same time!

  12. Great haul! Loove the shoes!!

  13. I have a lot of the shoes you just mentioned lol I love primark the amount you can get for £100 is amazing xxx


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