Absolute Collagen Daily Dose of Beauty Oral Liquid Supplement

I was recently sent Absolute Collagen Daily Dose of Beauty Oral Liquid Supplement* to try out.  Absolute Collagen is a new British Brand and the Daily Dose of Beauty is an anti-ageing, high grade marine collagen oral liquid supplement which you can take directly from the sachet or alternatively mix into a drink.  It helps to fight the visible signs of ageing and supports skin, nails, hair and joints.
Absolute Collagen Daily Dose of Beauty Oral Liquid Supplement
Each daily 10ml liquid supplement contains the highest concentrated dose of premium peptan f2000 hydrolysed marine collagen 8,000mg (8grams) of collagen.  It is also infused with vitamin C.  As it is a liquid it is absorbed better into the bloodstream than tablet form and contains no fillers, binders or plastic coatings.  This does contain fish collagen which is absorbed at a higher level into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body more easily than other types of collagen.
Absolute Collagen Daily Dose of Beauty Oral Liquid Supplement
By the age of 40 we have lost around a third of our natural collagen which causes our skin to start to wrinkle and sag, so it's definitely a worthwhile supplement to take.

I like the fact that the liquid comes in a sachet which is easy to take the product from directly, so you can keep them at work or in your bag to make sure that you don't forget to take them daily.  I am not going to lie, it doesn't taste great.  It's not awful, but because of the bright packaging I was expecting a pleasant citrus taste, but it's nothing like that.  I just swallow it and then wash it down straight away with a drink so it's not too bad.  I only have a 14 day supply, so I can't really say that I have seen any immediate results as it's probably too soon to tell.

Absolute Collagen Dose of Beauty Oral Liquid Supplement costs £29.99 for a 14 day supply from www.absolutecollagen.com.


*I was sent this product to review, but the opinions are my own.


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