Aesop Post-Poo Drops

So if like me you have just done the typical British thing and had a bit of a laugh at the fact that there is a product called Post-Poo Drops welcome to the club.  I have seen adverts on TV about these type of products and had a bit of a laugh but when I was browsing on Space NK when they had their recent goody bag offer (see my post here) I thought there was no better time to try them out.  I mean most of us don't smell of roses right!!!!!
Aesop Post-Poo Drops
You use this product after going to the bathroom (I'm sure I don't have to spell out what for).  I have to say when I read the instructions, the fact that it mentions you use it when vigorous activity has occurred in the bathroom did make me think WTF.  You flush as normal and then add several drops of the product, using the pipette, into the toilet bowl.  I was a bit dubious at first that it would work, but it does and there are no unpleasant odours left in the bathroom.

Its' a great product to pop in the bathroom to save guests blushes in case they are caught short.  I think they are missing a trick though as it only comes in 100ml size as far as I can tell and from stories you read on the internet maybe a smaller handbag size bottle would save more than blushes for those people that go to extremes when having to use the bathroom on a first date.

The product ingredients include Tangerine Peel, Ylang Ylang & Mandarin Peel which give it a citrus fragrance.

It's not cheap at £20 for 100ml, but it should last for ages unless you have got some stinkers in your household.  You can purchase it from SpaceNK.

Aesop are an Australian brand which you can read more about here.


I bought this product with my own money


  1. haha great review! I'd seen this product when it first came out and did wonder about it!!


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