*Beauty Hygiene Essentials from Beauty Hygiene Plus Review

   *I received these products for free but the opinions are my own.

If you are looking for stocking fillers for anyone that is into beauty then one option is this great little sanitising set and even better its on offer at the moment. 

Beauty Hygiene Essentials from Beauty Hygiene Plus.
I love this great little kit of Beauty Hygiene Essentials* from Beauty Hygiene Plus. The set contains 50ml spray bottles of Quick Dry Beauty Tools Sanitising Spray, Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray, Quick Dry Makeup Sanitising Mist and Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash. The kit also comes with a travel size set of makeup brushes which is a nice touch and comes in a zip bag which makes them easy to carry on your travels. I think many of us are guilty of forgetting (being too lazy!) to wash our makeup brushes and tools on a regular basis and I am horrified to admit it, but I have never sanitised my makeup after use, so this little set is perfect for me.

Beauty Hygiene Plus is the consumer product arm of Beauty Science UK who are an established market leader in professional beauty and personal care hygiene products and services. The Beauty Hygiene Plus range features a range of antibacterial and antiviral products that are easy to use and ensure that we can all keep our makeup, brushes and tools clean and sanitised. The Company's ambition is to make it a daily habit for us to clean everything we use (almost like brushing our teeth).

The Essentials Kit* costs £15 (it currently has 25% off making it £11.25 which is a bargain) and the products kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 

The Quick Dry Beauty Tools Sanitising Spray* is suitable for most hard beauty tools and surfaces including glass, metal, wood, plastic and rubber. Just apply to a clean cloth and wipe over the beauty tool and allow to dry for 2 minutes.

The Quick Dry Brush Cleaning Spray* can be sprayed directly onto makeup brushes from 20cm, then wipe off with a tissue until clean and leave to dry for 2 minutes.

The Quick Dry Makeup Sanitising Mist* is a game changer for me as it helps to extend the life and maintains the integrity of makeup. Simply spray directly onto makeup from 30cm.  Allow to dry for 2 minutes and then use as normal.  I have to admit that I have never sanitised my makeup after use as I didn't know of a product that did this, but its a great product to use on eyeshadows, blushers and eye pencils. You can also use it on loose powders, foundation, lipsticks and creams.

Finally, the Deep Cleanse Sponge & Brush Wash* helps to dissolve and remove makeup, oils, pigments & grime. Just wet the sponge or brush with warm water and apply a 10p piece size amount of product, gently working it into a lather using your hands or a cleansing pad. Rinse under warm water and repeat as necessary. Wipe with a clean cloth, reshape and leave to dry.

All these products are available separately and cost £8-10 for 100ml (They also currently have 25% off making them £6-£7.50 each).

All the bottles are made from 100% ocean bound recycled plastic and the travel bags that the kits come in are made from recyclable & biodegradable TPU plastic.  The makeup brushes are made from eco-friendly bamboo and the card inside the kits is also recyclable. All the products mentioned are cruelty free and vegan.

With Christmas less then 2 weeks away I will be posting some of my favourite items from this year and some products that make ideal last minute gifts if you have left your Christmas shopping to the last moment, so look out for those.



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