YoungHair The Root Fix Temporary Root Cover Review

I thought I would post about one of my must use products that I always use when I have those pesky grey hairs showing at my roots when I need to colour my hair again but am just too lazy to do it.  I originally received The Root Fix Temporary Root Cover* to try out a couple of years ago from YoungHair but have since purchased the product myself as it's a great product that works for me.  I had not come across the YoungHair brand before I was sent the product originally, but it is a small family-owned business started in Sweden.  The family has 50 years of experience working with hair in a salon in a small coastal town in Sweden.
YoungHair The Root Fix Temporary Root Cover
I have dark brown hair, with a patch of grey right on my centre parting which can be very inconvenient.  I regularly colour my hair at home, but there is usually a couple of centimetres of grey around my parting before I recolour my hair, so I was very glad to try out this product.  It's a waterproof colour spray that gently and temporarily covers grey hair and growth.  It's a quick fix that gradually disappears after the first wash.

It's simple to apply by spraying onto dry hair close to the roots and it dries fast and is non-sticky.  Once I sprayed it onto my hair I found that it did cover the grey and blended in very well to give a natural finish.  It did not look obvious that I had sprayed the roots of my hair and there was no staining on  my scalp.  When I touched the area that I had sprayed it did not feel wet or sticky and it did not stain my hands.  I did not wash it out before I went to bed and there was no staining on my pillow in the morning.  I then gave it an extra tough workout by going swimming and true to it's word it is waterproof and there was no colour run off whilst I was swimming and even after swimming my grey roots were still covered. 

Overall, I have been very impressed with this product, it looked very natural and blended in well.  It also did not require touch-ups and lasted until I shampooed my hair.

YoungHair The Root Fix Temporary Root Cover costs £10.99 for 125ml direct from the YoungHair website.


*I received this product free to review originally but have now purchased the product with my own money


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