*Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit and Face Wax Strips Review

    *I received these products for free but the opinions are my own.

Sadly I'm now at an age where I go to sleep and wake up with a long hair on my chin (how the heck does that happen).  I'm sure its taking the hair from my brows as there seem to be much lusher hairs on my chin these days.  Luckily I was sent Jolen Face Wax Strips* and the Facial Hair Remover Kit* to try out.

Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit and Face Wax Strips Review

Face Wax Strips for Upper Lip, Chin and Brows* - My main area of concern is my chin so these were ideal to try out.  They are long lasting and effective even on short hair.  They are suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin and can leave the area hair free for up to 4 weeks.  They are easy to use just make sure your skin is clean and dry without traces of any products.  Warm the strips up between your hands until the wax softens then separate the strips slowly.  Apply the strip wherever you need to remove hair and hold the skin taunt with one hand, remove the strip with the other pulling against the direction of the hair growth and keeping the strip parallel and as close to the skin as possible. Don't pull upwards and pull as fast as you can for the best results.

The great thing about these strips is that they can be reused until they lose their effectiveness.  After you have waxed the area you can apply light pressure with your hand or apply a cold compress to calm the skin.

You can purchase the Jolen Wax Strips* from Savers for £1 here for 16 wax strips which is a great price.

Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit Sensitive Skin* - This is a 2 part hair removal kit that removes those pesky hairs in as little as 5 minutes.  It can be used on fine to coarse hair.  It comes with a skin guarding balm and a gentle hair removal cream and can be used on the upper lip, chin, neck and cheek areas.   Use on clean skin and lightly apply one thin layer of the Skin Guarding Balm to the area you want to remove the unwanted hairs.  Using your fingers massage the balm into your skin for 20 seconds using a circular motion  going beyond the area you want to treat.    Then apply the hair removal cream spreading a thick even layer using your finger tips or the applicator and cover the hair.  Do not rub in the cream and wash hands thoroughly.  Leave on for 5 minutes  (a bit longer for thicker hair but no more than 8 minutes).  Then remove the cream and hair with a washcloth.  Rinse skin with lukewarm water and pat dry.  As simple as that.  You can also apply a layer of the Skin Guarding Balm after removing the cream to sooth and moisturise.

I like both these products.  I use the Hair Removal Kit for my upper lip which is a little sensitive and the strips for my chin and they both do a good job of removing stray hairs and are less painful then tweezers that's for sure.

You can buy the Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit* from Boots for £4.99 here.



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