TV Binge Watching Recommendations - Sky, Disney+, & Amazon Prime

With the cold, dark nights (at least there is light at the end of the tunnel as its the shortest day today), I thought I would give you a run down of my recommendations for some good old binge watching and reading. There is nothing better than curling up on the sofa which a hot chocolate (see yesterdays post here) and a blanket and settling down for a binge session.

TV Binge Watching Recommendations - Sky, Disney+,  & Amazon Prime

Things to watch:

Superstore - Netflix & Peacock on Sky - 6 seasons. This show is about the hilarious antics of the crazy people that work in a massive supermarket in America. Starring America Ferrera from Ugly Betty and a cast of very funny characters it shows the weird and wonderful and sometimes awful things that happen when you work in Retail.

Virgin River - Netflix - 3 seasons - Mel is a nurse practitioner who moves to a remote town from Los Angeles following the death of her husband. This follows her adventures as a big city girl mixing with locals in  a small town and her budding romance with Jack, who is a veteran marine who now owns a bar in Virgin River.

Kims Convenience - Netflix - 5 seasons - This show follows the Kim family who own and run a convenience store in Canada. Its funny as hell and stars Simu Liu who went on to star in Marvels Shang-Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings. Mr Kim the father is so funny and the relationship between son Jung Kim and his kooky boss Shannon at the car rental place is cute and sweet and Jungs best friend Kimchee is hilarious.

Cursed - Netflix - 1 season - This is a show based around the Arthurian legend and centres around a teenage sorceress named Nimue. This show follows her on her quest to save the Fey people and along the way she encounters a young Arthur and also Merlin. Lancelot also makes an appearance. Sadly this show was cancelled after the 1st season, but its still worth watching.

Shadow & Bone - Netflix - 1 season so far - Based on a trilogy of books with the same name, this show follows Alina Starkov, a young soldier whose newly displayed magical power may be the key to saving her war torn country.

New Amsterdam - 3 seasons so far (in the UK, although a 4th season is currently showing in the US) - Seasons 1-3 are available on Sky or Seasons 1 & 2 are available on Amazon Prime - this follows Dr Max Goodwin as he battles to help his patients in one of the oldest public hospitals in America.  If you are a fan of medical dramas like ER and Greys Anatomy, you will love this.

The Blacklist - 8 seasons available on Sky (the 9th season has just started in the US) this is one of my favourite shows and I love to rewatch it.  Starring James Spader as Raymond 'Red' Reddington, a criminal mastermind with a secret link to young FBI Agent Liz Keen, this follows their adventures along with an FBI Task Force set up specifically to go after criminals on Reds Blacklist. Oh did I mention that Raymond Reddington is also No1 on the FBIs Most Wanted List. Sadly the mysterious link between Red and Liz may never fully be revealed following the devastating end to season 8, but I can whole heartedly recommend this show.

The Mandolorian - Disney+ - 2 seasons so far - this is a Star Wars Spin Off and you definitely dont need to be a Star Wars Fan to enjoy it. This follows The Madalorian, a lone bounty hunter who takes on the job of protecting 'Baby Yoda' and returning him to his people.

Other shows that I recommend:

The Goldbergs - hilarious 80's American family comedy
Modern Family - hilarious American family comedy, its set up as if its a reality show with cameras constantly following this hapless family around capturing all their awkward  moments.
Scandal - Follows Olivia Pope who is a fixer who solves problems for the wealthy and works for the White House (shes also having an affair with the President).
Anne with an E - I have watched Anne of Green Gables on TV ever since I can remember and I have read the books and this Netflix show is a lovely drama following the trials and tribulations of young Anne Shirley, the orphan who is adopted by an old brother and sister who live on Prince Edward Island in Canada.

There's so much to watch right now - let me know your recommendations.



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