Finally An Update on my Diet & Slimming World Meals

I'm not sure what happened as I was aiming to do regular updates on how my weight loss was going throughout the year, but I checked when I last posted an update and it was ages ago and I've only posted about 3 updates this year.  Anyway I thought I would update you on how its gone so far as my goal was to lose weight before my sisters wedding.  So how did I do?  I'm pleased to say that I managed to lose 2 stone before my sisters wedding which I was really pleased about.  I must admit though that over the summer I didn't stick to the diet as much as I should have, I think it was a combination of the lockdown ending and everything opening normally again so I just couldn't resist going out and I found so many great places to eat.  I need to get back on plan as I must also admit to putting on a bit of weight since the wedding so I gave myself another goal of losing 1 stone before Christmas and another stone before my next holiday abroad which if it happens will probably be May or June next year.  I think I need goals to get myself back on target as for some reason I found it much easier to lose weight during lockdown.

From an exercise POV I have kept up going out for walks usually between 1-3 walks a day depending on if I'm working from home or not.  I have also finally gone back to the gym after a year and a half away.  As is usual with my luck just as I was going to go back to the gym during the summer to try and budge a bit more weight my gym closed for a refurbishment (you couldn't make this stuff up) so that didn't help but never mind I'm getting back into it now.

The Couch to 5k didn't exactly go to plan either as I had a couple of problems with my knee and foot which stopped me progressing with it and now I've decided to just go out for runs without a plan and just run as long as I can and then walk and run again when I've caught my breath.  I'm not a natural runner, in fact I would say I hate it so its not something I will do everyday but now the dark nights are back with us I find it easier to run as I hate running when loads of people are out and about.  I have managed to keep up with Yoga using YouTube which I am enjoying so will continue with that.  I try and do 15 minutes in the morning where I can or if not later in the evening and concentrate on a core workout as my waist and stomach is one of my main problem areas.

One of the things that has helped me this year is Slimming World Frozen Meals that are available at Iceland and The Range.  

Slimming World Meals
Slimming World meals are great for evening meals as they easily fit into the 600 calorie allocation I have and are usually well under.  I usually share one meal with my sister as I find them too big for one person so that helps cut down on my calories and then I can have something to eat later on in the evening if I want.  There is a really good range of meals available such as Beef Lasagne, Hunters Chicken and Singapore-Style Noodles as well as a range of curry's, soups and sides such as chips to choose from.  There is pretty much everything you need for your main meals.  Prices start from £1.50 for sauces, to £7 for a tray bake and most meals are around £3.50.  There's something for everyone's taste and it makes it so easy to keep to your daily calories.

Final Update of the Year (I wrote the above a couple of months ago and never got round to posting it).
Sadly my goal to lose 1 stone by Christmas didn't go well and up to date since my sisters wedding I have managed to put 1 stone back on as I really haven't stuck to the diet and exercise has just been put to one side as work has been stressful with long days and I have been so tired by the time I finish work that I haven't had the energy to do anything once I've finished for the day.  I know I know its all excuses and I really need to get my act together and sort myself out.  

Goal for 2022 - Lose 2 stones by the Summer.



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