Origins Haul & Review - Hit Refresh, Leg Lifts, Peace of Mind, Original Skin and Face Masks

When I was on holiday at Walt Disney World in Florida, I visited Disney Springs and there are loads of new shops there since the last time I went.  One of those shops was Origins and they had such a great offer on that I could not resist buying some products.  There were 2 offers, the first if you spent over $45 you received $20 off and then if you spent $20 more then as well as the $20 discount, you also got a free product (there was a choice of at least 5 products).  I bought products that I have never tried before and I wanted to let you know what I thought of them.  There are a couple of products missing from this photo, but I will still review them.
Origins Haul & Review - Hit Refresh, Leg Lifts, Peace of Mind, Original Skin and Face Masks
I have a feeling that I heard about Peace of Mind from Grav3yard Girl on You Tube.  It's an on the spot relief for headaches.  All you do is massage a couple of drops onto your temples, earlobes and back of the neck and breathe deeply.  I have a headache right now and have just applied this product and it has an almost instantaneous effect.  It has a menthol tingly effect and smells strongly of peppermint.  It's very soothing and does seem to dampen down the effects of the headache straight away.  Peace of Mind is £15 for 15ml ($14 in the US).  

Hit Refresh is a cooling moisturiser with Hawaiian mineral water.  If you live in the UK, then most of you will have been feeling the effects of the almost unprecedented heatwave that we have been having this summer.  Therefore, cooling products like this are a lifesaver.  This is a hydrating body moisturiser which contains an essential oil blend of wild mint, spearmint and eucalyptus.  I apply this at bedtime and it cools my skin and has a lovely minty fragrance.  It really helps me sleep during the humid nights.  It's £29 for 200ml ($37 in the US).  It is very pricey, but it is worth it this summer.

Leg Lifts works great on tired sore legs and as an added benefit, is also cooling.  This product contains menthol, cypress, peppermint and cedarwood.  This is really soothing and refreshing and gives a lovely cooling sensation.  Another great product this summer.  The cooling menthol sensation stays around longer than when using Hit Refresh and if you are not keen on products that make your skin tingle this is not the product for you (also do not I repeat do not touch your eyes before washing your hands after using this product). It's £24 for 150ml ($27 in the US).

Original Skin Essence Lotion is a product you pat onto clean skin with finger tips or cotton pads.  I use it after toner and before serum and moisturiser.  I did wonder if I really needed any extra step in my skincare routine but this is a really refreshing product that helps skin especially in this current heatwave we are having in the UK.  It has a light rose smell and is just lovely on the skin.  This was the product I got free in my purchase but it usually costs £22 for 100ml ($30 for 150ml in the US which is the size I received).
Origins Flower Fushion Rose Face Mask
Flower Fusion Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask is a typical sheet mask that left my skin feeling hydrated and soothed.  The mask cost £5 ($7 in the US).

Finally, I bought an individual pod of the Retexturizing Mask with rose clay.  This was mainly to make my purchase over the set amount to receive the discount and free product.  It is a nice face mask which I used when relaxing in the bath.  It is one I would purchase again.  The mask costs £26.50 for 100ml ($28 for 100ml in the US).  I can't find the individual pots online but I would guess it cost $4-$5).

Overall, I really enjoyed using all these products and it was such a great offer, so it was definitely worth taking advantage of it.  I think my favourite product of the lot was Peace of Mind as it really does help soothe away headaches.  Hit Refresh and Leg Lifts are also great products for the summer months.

I bought these products with my own money


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