The Humble Co. Humble Brush Bamboo Toothbrush Review

I am always on the look out for environmentally friendly products so I was pleased to receive the Humble Brush Toothbrush* from The Humble Co. to try out.  
The Humble Co. Humble Brush Bamboo Toothbrush Review
Here is some of the information from the packaging.  The Humble Company makes products that are good for you and kind to our planet.  Every Humble purchase goes towards funding projects for the benefit of children in need.  Donations are administered by the Humble Smile Foundation a non profit organisation registered in Sweden.  

You can read more about the company here.
The Humble Co. Humble Brush Bamboo Toothbrush Review
The Humble toothbrush has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably grown bamboo which can be disposed of in your composting bin and the bristles are made of nylon-6 and can be recycled with plastics.  
The Humble Co. Humble Brush Bamboo Toothbrush Review

I will use this brush when I'm travelling as usually I buy a plastic toothbrush that I throw away at the end of my holiday.  This is a great alternative and I feel good knowing I can recycle it after I have finished using it.   An interesting fact to note (which is included on the box the toothbrush comes in) is that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are produced every year and the majority of these end up in oceans and landfills.  I am a big believer in recycling and have been doing it since I was young.  Anything I can do to prevent more plastic ending up in the ocean can only be a good thing.

Humble Brush Toothbrushes can be purchased at Holland and Barrett for £3.99.


*I was sent this product to review, but the opinions are my own.


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