L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

I love using body oils in winter as you can warm them up in your hands before applying the oil to your body.  This is essential while we are suffering these cold wintery nights here in the UK.  I already love to use L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, so the Almond Supple Skin Oil is a great addition to the body products that I use on a daily basis.  Yes, it is pricy at £34 for 100ml, but we deserve a little treat now and again don't we and L'Occitane quite often do great offers, including free products or discounts when spending a certain amount.
It’s formulated with more than 50% Almond oil and feels rich and smells wonderful, but it’s not greasy and absorbs fully into your skin without leaving a sticky residue.  My skin definitely feels smoother and more nourished after using this oil.  The great thing about this oil is that it is a spray so you can apply it all over your body much easier than oils that you pour directly onto your hands.

L'Occitane does not test their products or ingredients on animals but they do sell to China (source L'Occitane website).


I bought this product with my own money


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