Bioglan Superfoods Raw Bites

I am trying to eat healthier this year.  I am not much of a cook and I like convenience, so I picked up these Bioglan Raw Bites to try out instead of my usual snacks of biscuits and crisps.  Bioglan Raw Bites are free from refined sugars, added flavours, colours and preservatives.  They are 100% natural and each tub contains 2 servings of superfoods.  They are gluten free and Vegan. 

I bought the Cacao + Coffee + Coconut and the Cacao+ Quinoa Raw Bites and they both tasted really nice and satisfied my sweet tooth.  I bought them at Superdrug when they had a 1/3rd off, but normally they cost £4.99 for 140g.  I know that's not cheap, but when you consider how much normal snacks cost then it's not too bad.  They are little cubes of goodness, and you only need a few at a time to satisfy any snack cravings. 
Bioglan Raw BitesBioglan Raw Bites
If you prefer to make your food from scratch, then there is a great recipe on Deliciously Ella's website for Raw Brownies that are just as good, if not better and again are all natural.

I bought these products with my own money


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