Eyelashes by Invogue

I was recently sent some Eyelashes by Invogue* to try out.  I am not an expert in applying false lashes by any means, but I have quite short sparse eye lashes, so I do like to use them for special occasions.  I received a selection of 3 different lashes to try out and I found them easy to apply, the glue worked really well and they stayed in place all day and were easy to remove at the end of the day.
Eyelashes by Invogue

Eyelashes by Invogue
Glamourise#10 give you thicker, fuller voluptuous lashes.  These are totally different to the other two sets of lashes.  There seems to be more lashes, but there are spaces in between the lashes.  There are also some extra long lashes dotted through as well.  These are definitely not lashes I would wear through the day as some of the lashes are very long.  That being said they are interesting and make a nice change to the standard lashes that most of us choose to wear.  If you want super long lashes, then these are the lashes for you.
Eyelashes by Invogue
Glamourise #06 give you long luscious lashes, although they are not too thick and dramatic.  If you want fluttery, flirty lashes, then these are the ones to pick.  I would pick these to wear on a night out, or to wear at an event.  I think they are a little long to wear through the day at work.
Eyelashes by Invogue
Volume #03 are the volumise lashes which add volume and length to lashes.  I love these as they give you long fluttery lashes, but I would happily wear them through the day as well as on a night out as they are not over the top.

The lashes are a bargainous £3.49 each and can be purchased from soinvogue.com.  They offer free delivery on orders over £10.

*I was sent these products to review but the opinions are my own


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