Challenges for 2017 - Update

I decided to set myself 1 challenge a month in 2017, which is much more manageable that setting 12 for the year all at once (not sure why, but it just is).  You can read my original post here, but I just wanted to give you a quick update on how it went.
Challenge 1 - Completed
My first challenge was to give up chocolate and fizzy drinks cans for 30 days and I am pleased to say that as of the 8th February I totally achieved this challenge.  I usually drink at least 2 cans of pop a day and have at least 1 bar of chocolate, so I am very pleased with myself and I don't plan on going back to my old bad habits.  I will treat myself to a can of Pepsi or Cherry Coke occasionally and also a bar of chocolate, but it certainly won't be a daily occurrence.  Hopefully I may have lost a few pounds as well, but that was not what this challenge was all about.

Challenge 2 - Completed
Challenge 2 is a 30 day no spend on makeup, toiletries and any other beauty items and I am pleased to report that as of the 2nd February 2017, this challenge has also been completed.  I decided to do my no spend straight after the Christmas sales, as I absolutely did not need to buy anything else, so I wanted to make sure that I could not be tempted by any other fab offers that came my way.  Just because the no spend is over, does not mean that I am going to go on a spending spree.  Absolutely not!

Challenge 3
So now I have to think of a 3rd challenge, although I am now a month ahead of myself, but I want to keep up the momentum whilst I am feeling motivated. 

I have decided that I will challenge myself to wearing all of the jewellery that I own.  Not all at once obviously, but just little bits here and there.  I own loads of jewellery, not all big names some Tiffany, some Primark.  I am like a magpie I can't resist bright shiny things.  So over the last however many years I have collected it like it's going out of fashion (which some of it probably is by now), and like a lot of things I buy, I like to buy it more than I like to wear it which is a real shame as I have some nice pieces.  Anyway the challenge is to wear every piece at least once.

Have you set yourself any challenges?  Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I love this! I love the idea of doing a challenge a month, it's such a better way of doing it! I also plan on not spending on skincare and make-up as I have so much I need to use. I am also loathed o throw wonderful lipsticks away after 2 years when I they haven't run out! I need to go of now and read you other post about your challenges! I have done a 2017 plan to and would love for you to read it at

  2. Hi Nital thanks for your comment. I definitely think a monthly challenge will help me to achieve more this year. Good luck with your challenges.


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