Primark Haul

I recently had a couple of shopping binges and what's a shopping binge without abit of a Primark Haul (it's not just me is it?).  Anyway it's been a while since I posted a Primark haul so here it is.
Primark Haul Black Sports Jacket
I bought this black lightweight jacket to wear when I go to the gym.  This cost £10.  
Primark Haul Black Shoes
 These black shoes are for work and cost £5.
Primark Haul Cream Shoes
I already have these in navy and they are a nice addition to my shoe collection (if only I had a walk in wardrobe to display them all in).  These cost £6.
Primark Haul Navy Shoes
I loved these navy flats. As I'm quite tall I don't really wear heels that much (even though I still buy them go figure) and I thought these would be great to wear on a night out and no one would ever know how cheap they were (unless they also shop at Primark!!).  These cost £8.
Primark Haul Christmas False Nails
 I loved these Christmas nails and at £1 each I couldn't resist them.
Primark Haul PJ's
I love love love these PJ's as they totally reflect my mood on a morning :). These were a bargain at £4 for the top and £6 for the Bottoms (the label said £7). 
Primark Haul Workout Armband
I bought this workout armband to carry my phone with me when I'm at the gym, out walking or riding my horse.  This cost £2.50
Primark Haul Note Book
Last but not least I bought a note book to write down all my blogging ideas. This cost £2.

What do you think of my haul? Primark is so easy to shop in as everything seems like a bargain and it's so easy to put everything in my basket.

I posted about the Primark Advent Calendars I picked up as well on one of my shops here but I must admit I haven't seen them again which is a shame as they are a great idea.  

I bought these with my own money


  1. I love the shoes, especially the black ones, what great bargains.

  2. Hi Heather there are some great bargains in Primark. I can't go in there without buying something as the prices are so great


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