Glamour Magazine Nails Inc Freebies - December 2014

I wrote about the freebies available with the December 2014 issue of Glamour magazine here.  I have now bought all 4 Nails Inc polishes that are available free with this months Glamour Magazine.  There are 4 shades available Marylebone Mews (nude), Hanover Square (burgundy), Tate (red) and Wigmore Street (purple).  
Glamour Magazine Nails Inc Freebies - December 2014

I bought the magazines with my own money


  1. I got Wigmore Street and I'm wearing it right now actually! Lovely deep colour, and looks really different in different lights. Are you going to post reviews/swatches of these? I'm curious as to how Marylebone Mews looks with it being a lighter colour x


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