Primark Jewellery Advent Calendars

I have heard of Chocolate Advent Calendars and Beauty Advent Calendars, but this is the first time I have come across Jewellery Advent Calendars.  I was browsing around Primark recently when I spotted said Jewellery Advent Calendars and since I have not bought a Beauty Advent Calendar yet, I had to buy both Calendars that Primark sold.
The Primark Jewellery Advent Calendar contains 12 pairs of stud earrings, 4 midi rings, 4 ditsy charm bracelets and 4 ditsy charm necklaces and it cost £10.  There is a card attached to the calendar which shows all the jewellery contained inside and it's all stuff that I would probably buy, especially the earrings.
The Primark 12 Days of Jewellery contains 4 pairs of stud earrings, 2 rings, 3 bracelets and 3 necklaces and costs £8.  There is a photo on the back of the box which shows you all the items contained inside the calendar.

Primark also sell a Beauty Advent Calendar for £15, but I did not buy that one as it contained mainly nail polishes and nail accessories.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to the very expensive beauty calendars that are available right now, then these Primark calendars look like a great option.  Roll on December so I can start opening them.

A number of people have asked me whereabouts I found them in store and they were in the accessories/jewellery section on the end of a shelf.

I bought these with my own money


  1. How have I not seen these!! I'm going to go and get these as they are a lot better priced than others I've seen!
    Tania xx

  2. These are great, hope to pick these up for sure. Love the look of the 12 days one x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  3. What a great idea for older girls and adults, a brilliant alternative to the chocolate ones

  4. I had one from Topshop last year but it cost me three times what this would! I'm headed out to see if I can nab one tomorrow, well better than chocolate!

    Sammy xo.

  5. Id never heard of these before I just happened to see them while I was wandering around Primark. I couldn't resist picking them up. Cant wait to start opening them. Leigh

  6. this looks SO cool and the jewellery inside it actually looks like really lovely, wearable jewellery too! Definitely need to pop into primark and buy this! x


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