The Original WACKY Sox

I thought I would write a quick post on some wacky sox I couldn't resist buying recently.  I was just browsing around some shops at an event I attended recently and the bright colours caught my eye like a magpie.  I really liked the look of them and they will go well under my Hunter boots this winter.  I couldn't decide on just one pair, so in the end I bought 3. They were £10 each or 3 for £25 (it would be rude not to buy 3 with that offer surely).
The Original WACKY Sox
L-R Milky Way, Purple Smoothie & Dark Desires
The Original WACKY Sox
You can find their website here.  I can't find the offer online where you can pick 3 of any style for £25 but there are some special offers on the site that are worth looking at if you fancy more than one pair.  They generally seem to range in price from £7.99 - £9.99 depending on size.  Sadly I have big feet so have to pay top whack.  If you are really creative you can even design your own socks, although I think there is a minimum order for that so it would have to be for a group of you. 

I thought these were really fun.  Normally I don't spend ages deciding on what socks to buy, but there were so many great designs to choose from it took a while.   

I bought these with my own money and the link is not sponsored


  1. These look like fun!

  2. those socks are cute and perfect to wear during this winter season! nice

  3. I love these socks I would definitely get more of them they are so different.


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