L'Occitane Instyle Shopping Night Haul

I went to my first shopping event at L’Occitane last week which was organised by Instyle Magazine. It cost £10 for a ticket and there was a free goodie bag and a 15% discount on skincare available for those who attended. There were also treatments and snacks available.
I arrived at the store just after 6.30pm to be greeted by a staff member who explained what would be happening. I then went downstairs to the main shopping area to check out some of the products. There were about 12 people there in total and there was a group of people already sitting down near the treatment area, so I browsed around the store and was offered a glass of champagne which I happily accepted. Someone came over and explained some of the products, but luckily there was no hard sell.  I was then  offered a skin consultation where the assistant applied some of the products from the Immortelle and Divine ranges and explained how and when to apply them and what the benefits were. That was really nice, almost like a mini facial.
Once the skin consultation had finished I did some shopping and I was hoping for a hand massage, but there was only one station and it took so long to do one person that the assistant did not have time to do one for everyone which was a shame.  The group that was sitting nearest the hand massage station pretty much took up all her time and were still there when I left at 8pm. I would have liked to buy some of the Divine range as it felt so nice on my skin, but it was just too expensive even with the 15% discount. Luckily I have some deluxe samples that I have received from various beauty boxes, so I will make sure I use them soon. It's definitely a range I will consider purchasing in the future when I have used up the majority of my skincare stash mountain (if that ever happens).

As I was leaving I was given my goodie bag which was better than I expected.  There were 11 products to try out which I am looking forward to. Here's what was in the goodie bag:
L'Occitane Instyle Shopping Event Haul Goodie Bag
Definitely the goodie bag and the chance to try out the Divine range which left my skin looking and feeling amazing.
I definitely learnt a few things such as putting eye cream on  last (for some reason I thought you should put it on after serum but before moisturiser) and also that you can use a serum and facial oil together (I always thought using both would be too much, so I tend to alternate between using a serum one night and a facial oil the next). I have also been putting my eye cream too close to my eyes, its better to apply it to the top of the cheek bone rather than the sensitive skin around the eyes.
The staff were not intrusive, they did not follow you around trying to give you the hard sell, which is always appreciated.
It would have been nice to have a hand massage, but there wasn’t enough time to get around to everyone as there was only one station.
The 15% discount was only on facial skincare.  I would definitely have purchased more if the discount was on everything.
They didn't have soft drinks so as my friend was driving she wasn't able to drink anything.
The lows are only minor though and it was worth the £10 I paid for the ticket.
Here's what I bought:
L'Occitane Instyle Shopping Event Haul Immortelle Brightening Mist, Angelica Cleansing Gel & Verveine Cooling Hand Gel
Immortelle Brightening Mist (100ml) - £16.00 (reduced to £13.60 with discount)
Angelica Cleansing Gel (200ml) - £16.00 (reduced to £13.60)
Verveine Cooling Hand Gel (30ml) - £8.00 (no discount) 
L'Occitane Instyle Shopping Event Haul One Minute Hand Scrub
One Minute Hand Scrub (100ml) - £15 (no discount)
L'Occitane Instyle Shopping Event Haul Angelica Instant Hydratration Mask
Angelica Instant Hydratration Mask (75ml) - £24 (reduced to £20.40)
L'Occitane Instyle Shopping Event Haul The Magic Key
The Magic Key - £6 (no discount) - This helps you squeeze every last drop of product out of tubes so I thought I would give it a try for £6.  It works pretty well on metal tubes, so it was worth buying as I have never seen this for sale anywhere else (I will now probably find something similar at the pound shop knowing my luck).
L'Occitane Instyle Shopping Event Haul Escape to Provence set
As I spent over £30 I could buy the Escape to Provence set for £12.50 (normally £22).  This set contains Lavender Foaming Bath (100ml), Aromachology Repairing Shampoo, Conditioner & Revitalising Shower Gel (all 75ml), Almond Hand Cream (10ml).
L'Occitane Instyle Shopping Event Haul sachets of Divine Cream & Youth Oil & Almond Milk Concentrate Body Cream
I also received 3 samples - Divine Cream (1.5ml) & Youth Oil (1ml) and also a sachet of Almond Milk Concentrate Body Cream (6ml).

I am really happy with my haul and goodie bag and I can't wait to try out all the products.



  1. This all looks so good! I'd love to try it out.


  2. The Angelica Instant Hydration Mask sounds interesting. That's precisely what my skin needs now.


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