Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care

After buying my first Memebox I couldn't resist buying another. This time I bought Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care (It was very hot at the time and I thought it would be great to try while the weather was good).  This is the blurb on the website for this box.

Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care
Get ready for your ultimate summer getaway with this Cooling Box!

This box contains all the essential cooling summer products for the face, body and hair so that you can make the most of your sunny summer getaway! Pamper and soothe overheated skin with products that instantly cool and calm sun damaged skin and also repair the skin from excessive sun exposure!

Be sure to boost your beauty bag with these innovative cooling summer goodies that’ll sure make your hot summer the coolest summer yet! We promise.

I was really pleased with this box as it only cost me $14.99 (£8.93) which I don't think is bad for 5 full size products.  I got $15 off in discounts with this box so it's worth looking out for any discounts before purchasing.  This box included the following:
Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care The Skin House Aloe Water Mist

The Skin House Aloe Water Mist 80ml $11 Full Size
This is a fine spraying facial mist, this is packed with aloe moisture for delivering instant replenishment to dry or irritated skin.
Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care White Organia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
White Organia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 300g $5 Full Size
This is a moisture rich aloe vera soothing gel which effectively sooths and deeply hydrates dry or irritated skin, especially after being out in the sun.
Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care Secret Key Intense Ice Sleeping Pack
Secret Key Intense Ice Sleeping Pack 100g $22 Full Size
This is a sleeping pack for providing your skin with an immediate surge of moisture overnight. The menthol component and the super moist PH complex work to deliver a deeply moisturising, soothing and cooling effect when you wake up the next morning. With continuous use, it helps brighten up your complexion and maintain healthy skin balance.
Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care N.S.M. Exiting Snow Cooling Tint
Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care N.S.M. Exiting Snow Cooling Tint
N.S.M. Exiting Snow Cooling Tint $18 Full Size
The unique cooling tint from N.S.M glides smoothly and vividly onto your lips and literally holds the colourful radiance in place with a cooled refreshing feel that lasts for up to 30 minutes after application. The colour won’t fade even under water and will last all day long with a nice, refreshing fruity scent.  This smells gorgeous and it does feel cool on application.  This colour is a lovely coral which is a little bright for me. It drys matte which does tone down the colour somewhat.
Memebox Special #13 Cooling Care Awesome Aqua Whip Hug Foam Cleanser
Awesome Aqua Whip Hug Foam Cleanser 120ml $18 Full Size
This foam cleanser is made from the Canadian glaciers extremely pure and rich in minerals. The fine, soft, whip cream-like bubbles created from the cleanser are very gentle and effective in penetrating deep into your pores.

I can't believe I got all this for under £9.  It's a really great box and I can't wait to try the products as they are all new to me, which I guess is the point of getting beauty boxes from other countries.  These boxes are full of great looking products and the Asian Beauty market seems to be ahead of the British market in terms of new innovations.

This box is now sold out but there are loads of other boxes on the site that sound great so its worth checking them out to see if any take your fancy.  I would say that I will try and be good and not purchase anymore for awhile but I've got another box on the way (hangs head in shame while secretly desperate to check what's in the next box).

Have you tried any Memeboxes?

I bought this box with my own money.


  1. I love memebox, but I'll warn you - they can get really addictive! I've bought way too many!

  2. The Aloe Water Mist looks pretty cool. I love facial mists. I kinda miss subscription boxes. :)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. Kelly you are right these boxes are addictive I cant wait to try more.
    Kimmy these boxes are well worth getting if you are tempted to try beauty boxes and the great thing is they aren't subscription boxes.
    Leighlee :)


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