Poundland Haul

Now that my spending ban has finished I have managed to shop a few good hauls lately. Here's my latest one from Poundland.

I was really pleased to find these Baby Lips  SPF20 Lip Balms.  I got 2 smoothing and 1 protecting.   
I got the 2 Hard Candy products in 1 package.  I got Kal Eye Descope Baked Eyeshadow Duo 067 Pick Up Line and Show Girl Loose Glitter (I must admit I thought this was nail polish when I bought it).  I also got a Revlon Scented nail polish in Ocean Breeze.
I got 3 Revlon Baby Sticks for lips and cheeks in Pink Passion, Tahitian and Sunset.
Finally I got a set of Eylure Pre-Glued Lashes.

I thought that was a pretty good haul.  Have you bought anything good from a Pound Shop lately?

I bought these with my own money


  1. I love browsing Poundland for nail polishes, I pick up a lot of Revlon polishes. I bought a gorgeous mint green called Minted when I was last in there and I also got a China Glaze crackle polish. x

  2. I never seem to find the bargains in pound shops that others do! You did really well :)

  3. Kirsty - I managed to find a haul of Chrome Revlon polishes awhile back and absolutely love them.
    Kelly - I have been in loads of times where I find nothing which is disappointing but good for my poor purse which takes a beating.

  4. it drives me mad, we don't have a poundland anywhere near us! I see loads of people getting great goodies xxxx


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