Tangle Teezer Dupes

I have had a Tangle Teezer for a while now and I'm a big fan.  I have curly hair that leans towards being dry and frizzy. I don't like to wash it every day as it gets unmanageable, so it means that it does tend to get knotty and a Tangle Teezer is the only way that I can brush through my hair easily without it hurting or breaking the hair when wet.  It's my favourite brush ever and I can't see myself ever not using it as it makes brushing my hair so much easier. The reason I'm writing this blog is that I recently bought 2 brushes that seem similar to the Tangle Teezer and were a bit cheaper.  I bought my Tangle Teezer for £10 at Space.NK they are £10.50 now, which is actually cheaper than Boots where I think the same type was around £10.99.

The first brush I bought was Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush for thick hair.

I like the fact that this brush has a handle.  When I used it I found that it got through the tangles in my hair as quick as a Tangle Teezer but it did pull on my hair which hurt (the Tangle Teezer doesn't hurt at all) and felt like it would cause hair breakage.  It is a good dupe and at £7.99 from TKMaxx it was a good deal but it won't replace my Tangle Teezer any time soon.  One benefit of this brush is that it has a different brush for each hair type.

The second brush I bought was from Poundland.  Its by Allura and called Tangle Attack and is obviously £1.  

Again, I found that it got through the tangles in my hair as quick as the Tangle Teezer but like the Michel Mercier brush it did pull on my hair and hurt a little bit. The bristles were also quite hard and hurt my head.  Again I wouldn't replace my Tangle Teezer but for the price its a reasonable dupe.

Over all I would rate them in the following order:

1st Tangle Teezer
2nd Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush
3rd Allura Tangle Attack - although for the price I think its a good brush to have and you could take it with you when you are travelling, so if you leave it behind anywhere its no big deal.

Have you tried any of these brushes?

I bought these with my own money and no links are sponsored.


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