Toms Haul

You know when you find that Holy Grail product, it doesn't happen often but when you find it you can't believe you lived without it?  Well Toms are my Holy Grail footwear. They fit perfectly and I just want to buy all of them. Usually when I buy new footwear I know that when I first wear them they are going to rub away the skin on my heel and I am going to avoid wearing them for ages until I absolutely have to.  I don't know if its the shape of my feet or what but I can't get shoes that just fit perfectly.  Until Toms that is, I love them.  I have in the past bought them in the Office sale and the options were limited but when I went to the Glamour Evening at Trinity Leeds they had 20% off most of the footwear in the shop including Toms.  So I did what any self respecting shopaholic would do and bought 3 pairs (hangs head in shame). At least on the plus side they do give a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair bought.  
Anyway I thought I would do a quick post on the pairs I bought, let me know what you think of them. Here's my first ever shoe selfies.

Seasonal Classic Slip on Navy Stripe Canvas £39.99 they cost me £31.99 after the 20% discount.
Seasonal Classic Slip on Baltic Dip Dye Crochet £41.99  they cost me £33.59 after the 20% discount.
Seasonal Classic Slip on Black Mint Pink Canvas £39.99 they cost me £31.99 after the 20% discount.

I'm really pleased with my purchases and I will be living in them over summer.

I bought these with my own money and no links are sponsored.


  1. Love them! Super cute blog you have here!
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  2. Thanks Victoria and Caise. Victoria Im checking out your blog right now.


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