Recent Etsy Purchases - Jewellery & Disney T-shirts

I love browsing Esty and I have posted a few hauls on my blog here and here as you all seem to love reading about them, so here is another one.  Walt Disney World in Florida is one of my favourite places and I am so sad that I haven't visited for over 4 years.  I was supposed to go back in 2020, but then Covid happened and 2 years later it looks like I might be able to visit my happy place again soon.  I wanted to get in the Disney spirit so I found some great t-shirts on Etsy which reference some of my favourite rides. 

Technically the monorail isn't a ride as such but it is iconic and so is the Spanish translation of "Please stand clear of the doors" that you hear on every journey to the Magic Kingdom, so I had to buy this t-shirt.  Soaring in Epcot is one of my absolute favourite rides and "nice work pal" is said by Patrick the air steward in the pre-show. Another favourite ride of mine is Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom, and in the midst of a race against time to beat the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs, our guide back home starts shouting the classic line "were not gonna make it" (spoiler alert - we do make it back ok and bring along a passenger).

I bought these tshirts from PickleVixTShirtShop and they cost £12.99 each. 

Disney tshirts from Etsy

The womens sizes run a little small and as I prefer a looser fit, I found that the mens sizes worked better for me.  The t-shirts are a nice quality and the delivery was quick and free. 

Etsy Earrings

I have also been picking up a few jewellery pieces and I can definitely recommend MissAudreyJewellery for the delicate earrings and cool ear cuffs. The prices are very reasonable too. The tiny cube stud earrings and the star ear cuff both cost £7 including delivery.

These are both Etsy stores that I will definitely buy from again.


I bought these products with my own money


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