No Spend February FAIL - Primark Haul

I tried to do a February no spend I really did and then I made the mistake of having a wander around Primark, put loads of things in my basket, paid for them and as I was walking out of the shop conveniently remembered my no spend ban which I had just FAILED.    It seems to slip my mind that I'm on a ban at the most convenient times.  Anyway here's what I bought (can it be justified because some of it is for keeping or in my case getting fit).

Primark Haul
Workout leggings £5 - Reduced from £10
Blister Resist Trainer Socks £3.50
Water Bottle £2.50
Yoga Block £3 - I'm currently doing Yoga with Adriene on YouTube so this will be handy
Intempo Smart Watch £15 - I'm not sure if this will be any good but thought it was worth a shot for the price.  I will do a post on it if its any good
Hair Wrap £2.50 - Its 100% cotton so I wanted to give it a try as I have curly hair and want to try anything that might help me keep my curls under control
CBD Lash Serum £3  - I've seen so much about CBD lately so I thought I would give this a try as my lashes aren't great
Beauty Headband £1 - I thought this was worth trying for the price as my hair always gets in the way when I'm applying skincare or makeup

I have no excuse for the rest of this it was just the usual Primark excuse that it was too cheap to say no.

2 sets of Soft Touch Gel Pens £1 each
Pen 80p - It has a Unicorn and fluffy ball at the top.  Its so cute
To Do List Note Pad £1

So was it worth breaking the No Spend, probably not.   I need to try much harder as I want to declutter rather than clutter up my home.  Hopefully March will be a better month.



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