*Modibodi Underwear - The Original Period Pants Review

    *I received these products for free but the opinions are my own.

I have long been interested in trying out Period Pants to see how well they work, so I was happy to receive 3 different pairs of Modibodi Period Pants* to try out. Modibodi is an award winning Australian company that produces a reusable, sustainable, biodegradable and leak proof range of underwear and swimwear as well as tops, singlets and leggings. The underwear is designed to replace the endless pads, tampons and liners that are a constant in most women's lives at some point. There's loads of information about how it works here. You can even take a quiz to find your perfect match. There are so many options for women (including pregnancy) and children of all ages including babies and also includes options for men, because this range also helps with bladder leaks and sweat. I also like how inclusive this brand is because the website shows people of different ethnicities, sizes and skin tones as well as some disabilities which is great to see. There was even stretch marks and cellulite on show which doesn't happen very often.

I tried out the following pants:

Classic Full Brief - Light-Moderate - Colour Amethyst - Cost £19.50
Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini - Heavy-Overnight - Colour Lush-Crush - Cost £24
Recycled Seamfree Bikini - Moderate-Heavy - Colour Sunset Orange - Cost £21.50

Sizes range from UK size 8 to UK size 26 (although the recycled seamfree bikini only goes up to a size 18).

Modibodi Underwear - The Original Period Pants Review
From left to right: full brief, sensual hi-waist and seamfree bikini

All 3 were comfortable to wear and did not look or feel bulky. I got them in a size 14 and they are true to size. They all provided good protection and I didn't have any leaks either when sleeping (which happens quite often with pads) or when out and about or at the gym (they are also great for wicking away sweat which is perfect for the gym). Admittedly I was nervous about wearing them out of the house, after so many years of relying on pads and tampons, but its great that we now have period pants as an option and I will definitely be buying more styles. I quite fancy trying the leggings as well to see how they work out.

These pants wick away moisture, absorb fluid and lock it away and have waterproof protection to prevent leaks. They have absorbencies ranging from simple moisture wicking all the way through to Maxi-24hours. They are made out of high quality material such as bamboo, merino wool and microfibre. You need to wash the pants before wearing them for the first time to activate the technology in the gusset, then when you have used them for the first time, wash them in cold water until the water runs clear, then put them in a cold wash and hang out to dry and then reuse. Yes they are expensive, but considering they can be reused, then you will save money on all the pads and tampons you usually buy after a while. Modibodi offer free shipping on all orders and new customers can try Modibodi risk free for 60 days. I am definitely a convert.



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