Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening and Soothing Masks

If you're wondering why I bought these products, then I will totally admit it was because of the unusual packaging.  It's so weird, like a coffee cup with a lid in the shape of a babies face with what looks like a straw coming out of it's mouth.  I mean come on how can you resist that sort of weird and wonderful packaging.  Well I can't anyway.  I picked up these 2 face masks in Sephora when I was in Florida recently.  They were $12 each and come in 4 varieties.  I bought the brightening and soothing masks (you can also get hydro and firming masks).  You can buy them on online at ASOS for £8 in the UK.
Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening and Soothing Masks

Dr Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening and Soothing Masks
So yeah, I like the packaging, but what about the actual product.  Well you have to do a little bit of work to get to applying the mask on your face, but that's part of the fun (admittedly,  I will probably get bored of it soon).  In each cup (which is the mixing cup), you get 2 sachets.  Step 1 is the Super Booster and Step 2 is the soothing or brightening ampoule (depending on which mask you are using).  You also get a spatula (which is the thing sticking out of the babies mouth).  All you need to do is pour the 2 sachets into the mixing cup, put the lid back on and shake (not forgetting to cover the hole with your finger or it could get messy).  After about 30 seconds the products should be sufficiently mixed.  This produces a thick gloopy substance, which you now need to apply to your face with the spatula.  This is where it gets a  bit messy.  It's difficult to apply an even layer all over your face and half the time you end up scraping the product back off your face with the spatula.  There also seems to be excess product, so I ended up with quite a thick layer on my face and also on my neck.  The crowning glory was the drip of product I had on the tip of my nose which was not a good look.

The mask needs to be left on for 15 to 20 minutes, in which time it sets into a rubbery mask.  When the time is up, simply peel it off your face.  I found that it didn't come off all in one go, but it did come off in about 5 or 6 different pieces.  I used the soothing mask first and I will say that my skin felt very hydrated after using this mask.   With the Brightening mask I didn't notice my skin looking brighter after using it but my skin did feel lovely and soft.  

Overall, I enjoyed using these masks and I will buy them again at some point.  They aren't products I'd use on a regular basis as they are way too messy but once in a while definitely.

Have you tried any of these masks?

I bought these products with my own money


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