Money Saving - Car Breakdown cover

It's been a while since I wrote any money saving posts so I thought I would write one now as I have just renewed my Car Breakdown cover.  
Money Saving - Car Breakdown cover
As I have previously posted, whenever I get any renewal letters I always check a comparison website to see if any other company I am interested in using can offer me the same deal or better for less (if I haven't heard anything about a company I am reluctant to use them no matter how much money it would save).   I also check to see if the company offers any cashback if I use Quidco or Topcashback (I don't just use cashback as a reason to change companies as there is always the risk that the cashback doesn't get paid so always go with the best quote first and then look at the cashback).  Finally I get a quote with my current company as a new customer just to maker sure that I am being offered the best deal as they can offer new customers better deals.   On this occasion my renewal price was the best offer available, which is unusual as in the past my renewal quote has always been much higher than the previous year.    

Once I have this info I then contact my current company to see if they can offer me a better deal.  Usually they are pretty good and will offer you either a reduced renewal price to match what you have been quoted elsewhere or extend your contract with them without increasing the price or a combination of both.    

This year when I was checking the comparison sites there weren't a lot of better deals out there with the companies I prefer and if there were any savings it wasn't saving very much.  Even so I still decided to call my renewal company and although this time they weren't willing to budge on the price they did offer  me an extra 3 months for free which is about a £30 saving.   I was happy with this so decided to stay with my current breakdown company which is RAC as I have been happy with the service I have received on the odd occasion I have called them out.   I have been offered a reduction in price in previous years, but they wouldn't budge this time (it's always worth asking though). I think in this case the renewal price was very reasonable and I couldn't find a cheaper quote for the same service with any other company, so I was happy with the 3 month free extension.

If you are interested in checking out the cashback sites I have some referral links you can use. For Quidco I have a referral link here where you can sign up and we both get £10 when you have earned your first £5 in cashback.  I also have a Topcashback link here.  It's worth signing up for both as they do have different offers so always check both to see who is offering more.

I hope this helps some of you guys to save money.  Let me know if you have any ideas for money saving. 


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