A Few of My Favourite Things - January

Here are a few of my favourite things in January.
A Few of My Favourite Things
TV - The Goldbergs I highly recommend binge watching this series about the 80's. It's like reliving your childhood if you were a teenager back then.  If you remember the big hair and bad fashion as well as the New Kids on the Block, Christian Slater and the Goonies this is for you.  The best thing is that this is based on the life of the producer and at the end of the show you are treated to an actual home video that relates to the episode you have just watched.  If you think the show isn't realistic then this will show you that some of this actually happened to him and his family in real life.  You really couldn't make this stuff up.
A Few of My Favourite Things

Charity Shops - why didn't I find out about these gems sooner. I have found some cracking bargains including a Fossil bag for £6, a Diesel bag for £3, some Gap ballet flats for 50p, a Bench jacket for £1 and a Weird Fish winter jacket for a mere £7, to name but a few. It's worth having a rummage around a charity shop now and again to see what bargains you can find.

TGI's - I love love love the food here my favourite are the ribs and Jack Daniels chicken strips, I can't get enough.  Make sure you use the reward app if you go regularly as I got £25 off my last meal because I had 200 Reward Points.
A Few of My Favourite Things

Books - I'm binge reading at the moment and have got a number of book series to read including the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan books and Karin Slaughter books.  I have also finally got around to reading the Harry Potter books which I'm really enjoying. I love to find these books for 50p to £1 in charity shops, much cheaper than buying them brand new.

Pepsi Max Cherry - My new favourite drink.  I've struggled to find a sugar free drink I really like before but this drink has replaced my regular Pepsi.   I know it's still not healthy to drink Pepsi Max so I am trying to cut down on these as well.   For now I've stopped drinking regular Pepsi which I'm really pleased about.
A Few of My Favourite Things

I just stumbled upon the microphone app on my computer and for a lazy person like me this is a dream come true. I can just sit here and speak rather than typing, what's not to love. The downside of this is that I have honestly just spent 5 minutes swearing to see which swear words it will type up (not many) it made me giggle though #easilyamused. 

Costa Coffee Shop - I've just discovered this after being a Starbucks girl for years.  I loved the Christmas hot chocolate range as well as my favourite, the ham and cheese toastie which I can't get enough of.

The Kitty Cafe - check out my review here if you love cats.
A Few of My Favourite Things
These are just a few of my favourite things right now what are you enjoying? 



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