Christmas Sales Haul

Here's a belated post of my January Sales haul this year.  It's fairly small as I am trying to cut back a bit this year but it's hard to resist buying a few things especially when most of them are half price or less.
Christmas Sales Haul
First up I bought the 9 Fragranced Bath Teas from the Next online sale, they were £4 and I think might have been £12 originally (not 100% sure on this though).  I bought these mainly because I had never seen anything like this before as a bath product so I just wanted to check them out.  They are basically fragranced tea bags that you dunk into your bath water and the essential ingredients will gently infuse the water.  Next I bought Skinny Dip Body Mist Trio for £5 and Bath Syrup Trio for £6.25.  I originally saw these in the Boots online sale but they were sold out so I popped into the local store and picked them up.  Both packs have matching fragrances which are Tropical, Sweet Raspberry and Honey.
Christmas Sales Haul
Next up were a few things from Superdrug and 1 item from Lush.  I must admit I wasn't looking for anything in particular in Superdrug, I just spotted these and chucked them in my basket to try them out.  I'm not a fan of Zoella by any means and this is the first time I have picked up any of her range which was mainly because it was half price, I don't think I would have picked it up at the full price.  

From the Zoella range I picked up Milky Way Bath Milk Powder for £1.49 and the Moisturising Solid Bath oil Bath Melts for 99p.  I also picked up Bathing Lab Prism Bath Sprinkle  for £2 and the Bloom Collection Driftwood and Sea Salt EDT and Pink Peony and Cashmere EDT for £2.50 each.  I haven't heard of these brands before but the products and packaging caught my eye and I thought I would give them a try.  Also from Superdrug I bought Mix and Fizz Espresso Martini Coffee Body Scrub for £1.49.  

Lastly in the picture above I bought 1 item from Lush this year which is my absolute favourite Snow Fairy Shower Gel I think this may have been £8.  To be honest I really couldn't be bothered to queue at Lush this year.  The fact that they can't do an online sale decently (I think they did do one eventually but who had time to be checking out the Twitter or facebook page all the time to see if it's happening) and they open later then any other stores on boxing day just puts me off them, it's just too much hassle.  I only got Snow Fairy because my sister went shopping a couple of days after Boxing day and they still had some Snow Fairy left but I'm starting to feel a bit over it with Lush.
Christmas Sales Haul
I really think these were my favourite pickups (it's chocolate after all).  I picked up a large gold chocolate coin for 49p and a Grand Ferrero Rocher for £2.25 both of them were as large as my fist at least.  The Ferrero Rocher was fab I wish I had picked up more.  Sadly it wasn't filled with the chocolate nutty filling, there were 2 normal sized Ferrero Rocher's inside but the casing around them was the normal chocolate casing but thicker and it was fab.  I also bought these from Superdrug.
Christmas Sales Haul
Finally I purchased a couple of items in the Boots online sale.   I bought the Kate Spade Truly Fragrance Collection for £12.50 and Michael Kors Coffret Package for £21.33 both of which include 4 minis which I can't wait to try out.

For me this is a pretty low key sales shop this year.  I didn't want to get loads of stuff that I wouldn't get a chance to use and with not getting loads of Lush bath bombs this year it gives me a chance to try out a few other brands that I've not used before.

I bought these products with my own money.


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