Charlotte Tilbury Brand Review - My Thoughts on the Products

I thought I would start 2019 by reviewing some of the Charlotte Tilbury products that I own and letting you know what I think about the brand as a whole.  Charlotte Tilbury products are pretty pricey, so I try to pick them up when there is a discount or a gift with purchase offer.  I think the packaging is some of the best in the beauty business (rose gold and old Hollywood, what's not to love) and I do love that Charlotte herself posts makeup tutorials on her website, to show you how to get the best out of her products.  I seem to have accumulated quite a few products from her range, but I would say overall that I own more lip products than anything else.  I favour nudes and pinks with the odd dull red colour thrown in for good measure.  Here are some of my favourites.
Charlotte Tilbury Brand Review
From left to right: American Sweetheart, Secret Salma, Very Victoria, English Beauty & Stoned Rose
American Sweetheart is from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range and is described as a natural tawny pink and is a moisturising lipstick.  This cost £24, but this one was a limited edition and is sold out online.

Secret Salma is from the Matte Revolution Hot Lips range and is described as a deep rose plum matte lipstick.  The matte formula is not drying and feels smooth on the lips and does not highlight every crease in your lips.  I think this is one of my favourite colours.  This cost £24 as well.

Very Victoria is another Matte Revolution Hot Lips lipstick that is described as a taupe nude matte.  Again this formula is creamy whilst still staying true to a matte lip.  This one is also £24 (I think it's safe to say that all the lipsticks are £24 at this stage).

English Beauty is another limited edition lipstick that is no longer available online.  I would say it's a dark nude colour. This is another Matte Revolution Hot Lips formula.

Stoned Rose was my first ever Charlotte Tilbury purchase and is described as a warm coral rose.  This is another K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick that moisturises your lips.

You can check out the swatches in the photo below. 
Charlotte Tilbury Brand Review
Swatches are in the same order as the photo above
One of my favourite lipsticks from this range that I haven't included in the photo is Pillow Talk which is a perfect nude pink matte.  I also love the matching Lip Cheat Lip Liner which is the perfect nude shade if you want to outline your lips.  The liner costs £16.
Charlotte Tilbury Brand Review
Pillow Talk
The next set of products are my lip glosses.
Charlotte Tilbury Brand Review
From left to right: Lip Lustre in Candy Darling, Collagen Lip Bath and Lip Lustre in Ibiza Nights
Lip Lustre Candy Darling is a sheer pink lip gloss that can be worn by itself to give a hint of colour or over a lipstick for that extra bit of shine.  These lip glosses do not have a sticky texture. This costs £17.50.

Collagen Lip Bath in Refresh Rose is a high shine lip gloss which helps your lips look plumper as well as moisturising them.  This is pricey at £25 and while I do like the gloss as it moisturises and it does give a very slight plumper look to my lips, I'm not sure that I would rush out to repurchase this again at this price.
Lip Lustre Ibiza Nights is a sheer shimmering lip gloss that can be worn by itself or over a lipstick for that extra shine.  This costs £17.50.  I love wearing it both ways as it looks great either way.
Charlotte Tilbury Brand Review
Lip Magic Lip Balm which I have just found out is discontinued on the website.  It is a nice balm, but I have to say I think it was £25 which seems like a lot for a lip balm, so I wouldn't have repurchased anyway as I think that there are plenty of cheaper products that will do the same thing as this.

I do have quite a few eye products which include Rock N Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Barbarella Brown which costs  £19.  This dark brown pencil has a creamy consistency that glides across my lid and does not drag.  It stays in place and makes eye liner easy to apply.  

Colour Chameleon Colour Morphing Eye Shadow Pencils in the shades Dark Pearl, Amber Haze and Champagne Diamonds.  These eye shadow pencils make applying eye shadow a doddle.  Simply scribble on your lids and then smudge it with your finger.  It could not be simpler and these stay put even on my oily eyelids.  The Dark Pearl is my favourite as it is really smooth and creamy.  Sadly, I think that I have had the others open too long as they are not as smooth and are a little harder to work with.  They cost £19 each.
Charlotte Tilbury Brand Review
Dark Pearl, Amber Haze and Champagne Diamonds and Barbarella Brown
I only own one blusher, but it's the one I reach for the most. The Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blusher in the shade Love Glow. It's the perfect flush of colour. It's a two tone pearlescent powder blush. This is another pricey product at £30.
The skincare range is very expensive, so I have only tried a few products. Magic Night Cream is a very pricey product at £100 for 50ml. I must admit I'm not the biggest fan of Charlotte Tilbury's skincare due to the expense. I find this product to be very greasy and takes a long time to sink into my skin (which is not really a problem as it's a night product) and it has a strong fragrance which reminds me of 8 hour cream. It does promise a lot on the website and I would say that it's a great moisturiser and my skin is nice and hydrated in the morning and feels great which to be honest is what I'm looking for, but the promises on the website might be a bit far fetched. On the plus side a little does go a long way. I can't see myself repurchasing this product though.
Unisex Healthy Glow is a hydrating tinted moisturiser which costs £35 for 40ml. My skin is dry, so this product is not moisturising enough to wear on it's own. I use it over a moisturiser and it gives an instant subtle glow which is really nice. That being said, I don't think it's any better than products that cost a third of the price. I have reviewed Hollywood Flawless Filter here. I admit I do love this brand, it is my favourite make up brand as it's so stylish and the products are great. When the right offer is on I do go a bit mad as you can see from above. I should admit that this isn't all of my products as I purchased a few items (cough) during Black Friday at 1/2 price which I just couldn't resist and I might put up a belated haul post soon.


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