Money Saving Tips - Car Insurance Renewal

I must admit I started my Money Savings Tips posts last year but didn't get around to writing all of them, so I decided to start again this year and post about my own Money Saving Journey. My goal is the same as last year which is to try and save as much money as possible and to share how I'm doing it as I go along. 
Money Saving Tips - Car Insurance Renewal
I have had car insurance for a number of years (too many to mention) and every year it seems to increase regardless of the fact  that I haven't made any claims.  For most insurance I have such as home and travel I always shop around for the best deal and while I have moved my car insurance to another company previously I haven’t done it in a couple of years.   This year, after I received my renewal quote I went on a few comparison websites and completed a quote to see which companies came out cheaper. 

Now I must admit that I’m a bit reluctant to move my insurance to companies that I’ve never heard of, so the ones that were cheaper but I hadn't heard of, I decided not to look into any further (these companies can offer you good savings so they are worth looking into further by checking out reviews if you have the time).    What I generally do is review the companies that I do know and check them against my renewal quote to see what savings I can make.  I also got a new quote from my current insurer and lo and behold I found out that as a new customer I would save over £38.  I know that's not a massive amount but any saving is a good saving and it's better in my pocket than theirs.     Now this year my current insurance company still had the best quote alongside another company that was pretty much identical.

Once I had that info, (the best quote from the comparison website and a new customer quote from my current company) I called my current insurance company.  Normally I ask to be put through to cancellations if the best quote is a rival company, but this year as the best quote I received was as a new customer at my current company I spoke to the first person I was put through to.  I explained that I had received my renewal price and I could get a better quote as a new customer.  As soon as they heard this they couldn’t have been more helpful and asked for a few more details, amount of quote, and any changes to my info on the renewal quote (which there were some minor ones such as reducing the mileage I do per year).  After no more than 10 minutes I had been offered a £38.14 reduction on my original quote which matched the quote they offer new customers. 

It's very frustrating that I had to go through all this palaver instead of them just offering me the same price they offer new customers, but it goes to show that it's worth looking around to get the best deal and then contacting your current insurer.  They may be able to match the best quote and you have made a saving which means you have money to spend on something else (or save if you are being good).  If they don't or won't match it then it's definitely worth moving to a company that offers a lower quote for the same service.

Remember, if you do move insurance companies it's worth going through TopCashback or Quidco.  You may be able to get cashback by going through their websites first to get quotes from insurance companies.   You may then get cashback which is usually paid to you a few months later.  Cashback is not guaranteed so it makes sense to go got the best quote you are offered and if there is cashback on top of that its a bonus.  If you take the risk of going for cashback on a higher quote, because overall you would come out with a bigger saving there is always the risk of not receiving any cashback and paying a higher premium.  

If you are interested in using Quidco I have a referral link here (at the time of writing you will get a £5 bonus).  TopCashback is also another site I use and my referral link is here (up until 10am on 21st January you will receive a £5 bonus). 

I'm going to keep a running Total of my Money Saving in 2019.

£38.14 saving -  Car Insurance Renewal

Let me know if you have any money saving tips to share.


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