REN Magnesium Booster Body Spray Review

I am really enjoying using REN Magnesium Booster Body Spray as it's great to massage into skin after a long day at work or after going to the gym (I am trying to get into the habit of going 3 or 4 times a week at the moment after avoiding it for most of the summer).  
REN Magnesium Booster Body Spray Review
REN Magnesium Booster Body spray contains a high concentration (30%) of magnesium salts which are extracted from a 250 million years old unpolluted Zechstein sea.

It's a great body spray to relieve and relax muscle tension so is ideal to use after the gym.  It recommends using the product after you have showered and massaging it into your skin.  It's a dry oil which immediately sinks into skin and has a cool tingling sensation which is so refreshing.  It sinks into skin quickly so you don't need to massage it in for very long.  It does help you relax and it's definitely something I will continue to use and I'll also be looking out for the other products in this range as well.

I really like the ethos of the REN brand which you can read about hereREN products are free from synthetic fragrance, pore-blocking petrochemicals, sulphate detergents, silicones, synthetic colours, animal ingredients and parabens and they do not rest on animals.  Their goal is to be zero waste by 2021.

REN Magnesium Booster Body spray costs £15 for 75ml.

I bought this product with my own money


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